Eric E. and Kristin M. Matthews to Chauncey A. McHargue, 2009 Greenbrier Drive, $269,000

Nancy C. Kern and Richard S. Boyd to Benjamin L., Gerald L., and Judy S. deLoache, 1411 Cherry Avenue, $175,000.

Ken and Betty Jane Mori to Megan and Robert W. Weary III, 118 Goodman Street, $292,000.

Stephen R. and Leslie C. Fore to Christine J. Valdes-Dupena, 809 Winston Terrace, $415,000.


 Brady W. and Holly G. Allen to Scott J. and Alex N. Iwashyna, 113 Waterbury Court, $159,900.

Grace M. Johnson to Khatera and Shakeela Khaterzai, 1214 Agnese Street, $195,000.

Farm Credit of the Virginia's to Gary and Beverley Garbaccio, 421 Park Street, $727,500.

Weather Hill Homes Ltd. to Huntley of Charlottesville Ltd., 0.5236 acres on Meadow Street, $340,000.

Carol Terry, trustee, to Pavel M. and Jacqueline M. Dovgalyuk and Mark and Barbara J. Morneau, 105 Village Court, Johnson Village, $225,000.

Glenn W. and Barbara C. Branham to Anne H. and Thomas M. Carr III, 1624 Concord Drive, $276,000.

Westwood Associates to Ashley J. Hightower, unit in Druid Hill Residences, 1103 Druid Avenue, $219,500.

Development Management Too LLC to Sherrie Fahim, 602 Wilder Drive, $227,000.


 Southern Property LLC to Susan R. and Thomas A. Wagoner Jr., 129 Burnet Street, Burnet Commons, $272,000.

David J. and Virginia S. Gaines to Brent E. Jones, 2716 Jefferson Park Avenue, $239,000.

Westwood Associates LC to Brady W. and Holly G. Allen, unit in Druid Hill Residences, 1103 Druid Avenue, $209,500.


Pernell Eubanks Jr. to Gloria R. Walker, 768 Orangedale Avenue, $86,500.

Anya B. Scott to Paul E. Rosen and Susan A. Bunn, 709 Blenheim Avenue, $269,000.

Gary L. and Frances C. Cooke to Robert E. and Ivy F. Weitzner, 2610 Jefferson Park Avenue, $293,330.

Jeremy B. Williams to Jason B. and Christine S. Waldrop, 744 Lexington Avenue, $275,000.

Angela C. Menendez to Timothy P. Gallagher, 1614 Rose Hill Drive, $265,000.


Mary L. and John A. Mead Jr. to William M. Yoder, 1025 Sheridan Avenue, $189,000.

Aaron M. Datesman and Andria N. Thomas to Guy R. and Rachel M. Stables, 1323 Kenwood Lane, $234,900.

Bruce Wetterau to Christopher R. Clark, 129 Observatory Avenue, $300,000.

Michael W. and Elizabeth D. Haden to Cynthia B. and Kevin T. Corby, 630 Elizabeth Avenue, $194,500.

Mark Krutzman and Elizabeth H. Gorman to Charles C. and Laurel R. Henneman, 1864 Fendall Street, $715,000.

Thomas W. and Carla L. Myrtle to David R. Groff and Brudget M. Bryer, 1211 Cherry Avenue, $171,000.


James W. and Joyce D. Sullivan to Jose Giron and Carla Thomas, 420 13th Street NE, $160,000.

Kent A. and Lisa A. McConnell to Sean W. and Karin E. Reed, 313 Meade Avenue, $176,250.

Southern Property LLC t/a Southern Development, to Kenneth and Marjorie Gregg, unit in Burnet Commons, 127 Burnet Street, $247,900.


Helen S. Male to Michael T. and Rebecca T. Gilbert, 2207 Shelby Drive, $195,000.

Westwood Associates to Stephanie D. Cangin, unit in Druid Hill Residences, 1105 Druid Avenue, $199,500.

Marshall M. and Fran C. Slayton to Shigehiro Oishi and Jaesook Lee, 706 Nelson Drive, $300,000.

S.C. and Elizabeth Hall to Francine M. Leech, 1657 Oxford Road, $500,000.

Brian B. Bouton and Maryann S. Sobhany to Paul B. and Sarah A. Freedman, 1527 Oxford Road, $362,000.

Lynne R. and Lawrence Kosilla Jr. to James M. and Blanca F. Boronson, unit in Jefferson Park condominiums, $113,000.

Cynthia A. Thompson to Ivan D. Klavans-Rekosh, 916 Marshall Street, $335,000.

Southern Property to Paul Vesely, unit in Burnet Commons, $267,433.

Ralph W. and Mary F. Morony to Marshall M. and Fran C. Slayton, 1215 River Vista Avenue, $181,000.

Oliver K. and Doris J. Hall to Lee Ivan Kubersky, unit in Charlottesville Towers condominiums, 511 North First Street, $166,000.

Belmont Loft Company LLC to Felix L. Carrera, unit in Belmont Lofts condominiums, 202 Douglas Avenue, $297,000.

Julie C. Arbelaez to Julie L. Currier and Shirley J. Franks, 1130 Locust Avenue, $210,000.

Ron Taylor to Michael L. and Gail J. Heard, 108 Kerry Lane, $315,000.

Esther M. Lumpkin, executor, to Baron P. Schwartz, 1242 Holmes Avenue, $187,500.

Eric R. Baer to Kerry B. Hannon, 2308 Highland Avenue, $225,000.

Scott Waskey to Selena D. Cozart, 111 Greenwich Court, $148,000.

Douglas B. Smith to David Maruna III and Emily J. White, 1457 Oxford Road, $365,000.

Rudell Solomon to Fernando Garay, 814-816 Page Street, $89,999.

Pamela R. Thomson to Lisa Womack, 2520 Woodland Drive, $235,000.

D. W. and Helen Albertson to M.C. and Karen P. O'Brien, 1608 Amherst Street, $244,900.


Phillip Christopher to Raymond R. Caines III and Keith M. Moores, 309 Monticello Road, $227,100.

Lori B. Sims to Dwight and Irene Foster, 1219 River Vista Avenue, $180,000.

Lenwood and Ida Johnson to Laurie M. Smith, 1059 Fifth Street, $104,000.

Mark and Donna Mayry to C. Morgan and Ann A. Cooper, 1107 Hazel Street, $590,000.

Joseph R. and Judith C. Nunez to Marietta, Matthew, and Sherwood Frey Jr., 516 Valley Road, $263,000.

Westwood Associates to John, Stephen, and Pamela Keefe, unit in Druid Hill condominiums, 1103 Druid Avenue, $139,333.

Elizabeth F. Thomas to Granville B. and Laurie V. Booker, 131 Cameron Lane, $270,000.


Dennis A. and Mitzi N. Dempsey to James K. and Janis D. Foster, 1336 Rugby Road, $450,000.

Andrew C. and Amalie A. Herman to Brian M. and Sarah B. Vines, 128 Westwood Circle, $250,000.

Larry Mesner and Debra German to Kevin B. Elliott, 1515 Trailridge Road, $217,500.

Belmont Loft Company Inc. to Roger E. Tolle, unit in Belmont Lofts condominiums, 202 Douglas Avenue, $185,000.

Thomas S. Humphreys and P.I. Roberts to A. Ward and Sallie T. Sims, 1710 Mason Lane, $605,000.

Elizabeth L. Burnette to Gilbert Baboulene, condominium unit at 602 Cabell Avenue, $125,000.

Ida B. and Lenwood A. Johnson Sr. to Donald A. and Olga E. Morse, 1061 Fifth Street Extended, $105,900.


Joan and Diane Kimball and Jason Sheehan to Wahoo Rentals, 2025 Thomson Road, $439,000.

Wagner Brothers LLC to Raul A. Arbelaez and Julie Currier, 1610 St. Anne's Road, $355,000.

Nicole Lee Perrin to Jose M. and Luz M. Fernandez, 400 Riverside Avenue, $137,900.


Whitehall Investors LLC to Mark C. and Kacie L. Karafa, 1417 Early Street, $95,000.

Belmont Loft Company LLC to Joshua M. Rady, unit in Belmont Loft condominiums, 202 Douglas Avenue, $232,700.

Juanita Burns to Lewis Martin, parcel on 11th Street NW, $11,000.


William and Valadon Sheffield to Matthew McClellan, 1324 Hilltop Road, $530,000.


D. Blythe Stenson to Maria M. and Peter Y. Wai, 212 Douglas Avenue, $224,000.

Kenneth and Robin L. Ruggaber and Derek S. and Mary Hoff, 2309 Price Avenue, $305,000.

Richard Spurzem to M. Primm and John A. Winter, 1622 East Market Street, $162,000.

Alasdair and Alison G. Milbank to Martha Cox, 1933 Lewis Mountain Road, $486,000.

Wachovia Bank, NA, executor, to James D. and Charlotte Bowling, 1654 Brandywine Drive, $350,000.


W. R. Branch to Cynthia Branch, parcel on Palatine Avenue, gift.

Michael Farish to K. G. Chapman, parcel on Rosa Terrace, $120,000.


Westwood Associates to Church Hill Development, unit in Druid Hill Residences, 1103 Druid Avenue, $189,900.

George W. and Geneva T. Payne to D. Beard, 2317 Tarleton Road, $242,500.

Abigail Quesinberry and Harold Brindley IV to Raman Pfaff, 733 Hinton Avenue, $375,000.

Carl and Victoria Tremaglio to Trem Commercial Rentals LLC, 1745 Broadway Street, no price given.


Phillip D. Pace and Aaron K. Eichorst to Azadeh Rashidi, 627 Hinton Avenue, $234,000.

MCO Virginia Homes Inc. to Phillip D. Pace and Aaron K. Eichorst, 750 Belmont Avenue, $435,000.

B. K. Grubb to Helen J. Plaisance and Amy S. Griffith, 702 Dell Lane, $185,000.

Belmont Loft Company LLC to Church Hill Development, unit in Belmont Lofts condominiums, 202 Douglas Avenue, $147,000.

Marilyn Agnew to Edward and Frances DeMaio, unit in Charlottesville Towers condominium, 511 North First Street, $129,900.

Charles L. Hutcherson to Robert and Dominique Anderson, 310 12th Street NE, $100,000.


Belmont Loft Company LLC to John G. McAllister, unit in Belmont Lofts condominiums, 202 Douglas Avenue, $283,900.

Richard H. deButts to Joe E. Gieck and William S. Rice, condominium unit in Water Street Parking Garage, $190,000.

Belmont Loft Company LLC to Joe Geller, unit in Belmont Lofts condominiums, 202 Douglas Avenue, $388,333.

Warrick M. Palmer to Teresa D. Caddell, 330 60-l/2 Street SW, $105,000.

Wendy H. Bearns to Andrew and Elizabeth Carter, 176 University Circle, $754,000.


Bernard K. Coles to Gerhard S. and Rebecca K. Schoenthal, 1101 Sherwood Road, $302,000.

Loretta C. Hirschfield to J. P. Rinkevich and Wendy W. Morrill, 1006 Peartree Lane, $315,000.

Franklin D. Brown Jr. to RFE Holdings LLC, unit in Venable condominiums, 312 13th Street, $181,000.

Charles Hurt and Shirley Fisher, trustees, to Development Management TOO LLC, 17.179 acres on Raymond Road.

Donald Redmond and Kari Anderson to David N. and Laura M. Berol, 622 North Avenue, $264,900.

Frank H. Wilmot to Emily H. Nelson, 919 Blenheim Avenue, $152,500.

Meredith E. Fisher to Revonda L. Grayson and Mark Nichols, 518 Moseley Drive, $205,000.

Southern Property to Helene M. Kaminer, unit in Burnet Commons, 152 Burnet Street, $255,125.

Page Street LLC to James L. and Caroline K. Wilkinson, 906 Anderson Street, $175,000.

Glasser and Glasser, grantee, and Rick Spiers to Shawna Crow, 1610 Mulberry Avenue, $104,000.

Lewis LLC of Troy to Monticello Road LLC, 205 and 209 Monticello Road, $370,000.



Wendy H. Bearns to Andrew and Elizabeth Carter, 176 University Circle, $754,000.