Clash of titans: Sea Horses v. Dolphins at Fairview

The ACAC Dolphins weren't exactly in over their heads, but they were in alien water when they visited the Fairview Sea Horses for a two-day swim meet July 13-14. The two heavyweights of the Jefferson Swim League (JSL) battled it out in a cool pool under a hot sun with an enormous crowd of friends and families in attendance.

The meet has offered fierce competition since its inception, pitting members of an older townie pool against the flashy behemoth with shiny buildings and a large roster.

The enthusiastic crowd kept up a continuous roar that encouraged swimmers and coaches alike. People, lawn chairs, picnic baskets and tents turned the Fairview grounds into a beehive of activity. Even Freestyle sports shop was on hand with a raffle and giveaways.

The JSL offers an almost legendary summer program for area kids. Not only do they learn the fundamentals of competitive swimming, they learn teamwork and good sportsmanship– and often make lifelong friends in the bargain.

In the end, the home team won with 517.5 points to ACAC's 435.5.

The action was intense for everyone.

Fairview Coach J.J. Bean takes the meet seriously.

Fairview teammates
sea horse  around.

Fairview was

Coach Mo Shrum gives a pep talk to a young Sea Horse.

Chris Trotter is ferocious in the water.