Questionable behavior

Hill & Wood may claim that they got permission to put out their "no parking" signs three years ago, but they've been putting those signs out for a lot longer than that. ["Dead rights Funeral signs not backed by law," News, July 8, 2004].

I long worked on Second St. NE (in the Gauss Building) and lived on North First Street, on the other side of High Street, and walked past Hill & Wood twice a day from 1999 to 2003. They were putting those signs out regularly for as long as I lived there.

Often they'd sign-reserve all of First Street from Market to High and even Jefferson Street from Second to Fourth Street, or somewhere thereabouts.

I didn't own a car at any point during this period, so it didn't affect me, but I did have a strong suspicion that Hill & Wood was behaving in a manner inconsistent with both law and decent business practices.

Waldo Jaquith