Make funeral home pay

I was glad to see your article on the parking situation in this week's Hook [July 8: "Dead rights Funeral signs not backed by law"].

I have been after City Council for the last two years about that situation. I know that the funeral home does not have City Council permission but does have a private arrangement with the police department.

Just two days ago, I wrote an email to Kendra Hamilton suggesting that if City Council cannot stop the practice, then they should at least charge Hill and Wood for the use of three or five or seven blocks of parking for between four and eight hours. I suggested $500 per block per day.

The city can certainly use the money, and it might tend to minimize the on-street usage. Also, by taking up that much of the on-street parking Hill and Wood are pushing people to park in the McGuffey Art Center and McGuffey condos parking lots.

Thanks again for a good article.

Richard Berman