Ride 'em, cowboy: Bike Rodeo keeps kids safe

Summertime is playtime. When school's out and the weather's warm, lots of kids hit parks and pools on their bikes. And the little road warriors' safety is a big issue for parents.

The Alliance for Community Choice in Transportation (ACCT) and Charlottesville police teamed up Saturday, July 10, for the second annual Charlottesville Bicycle Rodeo at Buford Elementary School.

A checkpoint course taught kids some fine points of bikes theory, safety precautions, riding techniques, and how to use the CTS bike rack system when they're going too far to pedal.

Kids who completed the course received a diploma and a whole bunch of goodies. Helmets were distributed, and everybody entered a raffle for a free bike from Performance Bicycle Shop.

The Rodeo is a win-win, bringing volunteers, city officials, and townsfolk together for a common good, and sending kids away a little safer than when they arrived.

Volunteer Julee Brown teaches Jerry Durrer the fine art of using the CTS bus rack.

City cops congratulate Jerry Durrer on receiving his safety diploma.

Kids on bikes: It's what being young is all about.

Performance Bike's Jeff Claman and Tim Gathright give Jerry Durrer's bike the once-over.

Khason Rodgers is stoked to demo the cool bike from Performance.

Spencer "2 Fast 4 U" Dushard and ACCT's Alia Anderson.