No need for Johnsen's Bland ideas

It appears that Scott Johnsen has gotten a little too close to the "razor wire" on the infamous Rivanna Trail [July 1, "Presley's greedy"].

Why is he resorting to mocking and demeaning the senior citizens of Bland Circle? It would appear his walking boots are putting a bit of pressure on his brain and the oxygen is flowing too freely from his mouth, creating a little dementia.

It is so easy to sit back and donate someone else's land, but may I suggest he sell the city a piece of his valuable real estate for a much needed hiking trail. Then he could invite all the hikers, walkers, and litterbugs over for an afternoon stroll, all for the "greater good of Charlottesville."

That would be the "Christian" thing to do, Mr. Johnsen, and leave the ladies on Bland Circle alone.

Helen J. Forbes

C.T. James