Huja promoted neighborhoods

Your cover story on Satyendra Huja [July 1: "Hujavision: The 'Urban Turban' Plans his Escape"] was excellent– both pictures and text. Huja has been a great benefactor to Charlottesville, and I for one certainly appreciate his contributions to making this city Number One.

Two of Huja's accomplishments which I especially appreciate are the renovation and restoration of the Starr Hill neighborhood and his encouragement of neighborhood associations. I have been affiliated with two: the Venable Neighborhood Association and the North Downtown Residents' Association.

I believe they have helped train many of our notable city leaders and brought them to public attention. Kendra Hamilton is only one of these. The healthy growth of neighborhood associations is the foundation of our good government.

There are other accomplishments I have not mentioned that we owe to Huja's loving and enlightened leadership.

Catherine G. "Kay" Peaslee