Huja didn't do trolley

You wrote me last week to ask me to say something about Huja's retirement. Your quote was entirely accurate– saving the editorializing a "still-miffed Danielson says today." I am not miffed nor was there any reference to me being miffed. Life goes on, and I wish Huja well.

Also, it should be noted that the original Regal building was made so poorly that we tried, at great expense, to save the facade only to have it crumble before our eyes. Economics dictated that we try to make something work, and a good compromise was accomplished. Not a great architectural treatment, but it works.

The trolley was a concept created with the help of Judy Mueller and Gary O'Connell, not Huja. Charlottesville is a great place because of so many good people doing so many good things. I am proud to be a part of it. Huja did his job and we are basically all better off for it. Once again, I wish him a wonderful life in his retirement.

Lee Danielson
Los Angeles