Flags must stay down 30 days

I want to start off by expressing how disappointed I am in the quality of journalism presented in the Hook's "Words" column of June 24. I understand that the Hook is mainly a liberal based newspaper; however, I usually try to keep an open mind when reading the articles.

But this week after reading just the first paragraph of "Cuba or bust" I couldn't help but notice the politically driven uneducated quality of work presented. The first sentence says, "As we lumber through week four of Grieving for the Gipper (when in hell will the flags go back up?)...."

If you had taken just a minute to research the subject (as I would expect any responsible journalist to do), you would find that whenever an American President dies, we (Americans) as a show of respect to the individual and the position, lower our flags to half staff for 30 days from the date of death. To answer your question, as President Ronald Reagan died on June 7, 2004: The flags should have been raised on July 7, 2004.

One can't help but notice the ignorance of many people in this town, as many people raised their flags to full staff before that date.

I do have just one question: Would your writer have made the same comment regarding the state of our flags if it had been a beloved Democratic President such as John F. Kennedy? I seriously doubt that you would have the same disrespectful words to place upon the readers of your column.

As a member of the United States military, I understand what it means to respect my country and the flag that represents us as Americans. I hope that I have been able to educate you as to why we as Americans honor our former Presidents with a lowered flag when they die.

Jacob P. Smith