Comin' at ya: The new laws and U

Legislators didn't just wrangle over the budget during the protracted General Assembly session this year. They passed laws that directly affect you if you fall into one of these categories.

- Driver over 80: Mandatory eye test required, and renewals must be done in person at the DMV.

- Road racer: Off the track, cause an injury and you face a class six felony, plus seizure of your wheels and license for one to three years.

- Road rager: Lose your license for six months if you're convicted of aggressive driving.

- Moped-er: Proper identification required– or else face a $50 fine.

- Naked teen: Even if your parents say nudist camp is ok, the General Assembly thinks otherwise– unless you're accompanied by the folks. The ACLU is suing, but probably won't have a decision before camp begins.

- Videotaper of nude children: When a contractor hid a video camera in a toolbox in the bathroom he was remodeling for an Albemarle family last year, he could be charged with only a misdemeanor. The penalty for secretly videotaping nude minors is now a felony under a bill Delegate Rob Bell carried at police request.

- Convicted felon: Virginia's notorious 21-day rule now lets you enter additional evidence– but only once and not if you pleaded guilty.

- Gun owner: Chafing at the one-gun-a-month restriction? If you have a permit to carry a handgun, buy as many guns as you like.

- Home schooler: Now you need only a high school diploma to educate your young, rather than the bachelor's degree previously required to escape some of the stricter licensing rules, thanks to another Bell bill. [The print edition of the Hook did not contain the italicized words above. This has been corrected in this online edition.–editor]

- Gay: In case you didn't know that same-sex marriages were already illegal in Virginia, the Affirmation of Marriage Act reiterates the point by refusing to recognize marriages or civil unions from other states.

- Interested citizen: General Assembly political caucuses are excluded from the Freedom of Information Act.

- NoVA or Tidewater drinker: ABC stores in those areas may open Sundays from 1 to 6pm.

- Parrothead: Jimmy Buffett fans get their own specialty license plates.