RJR LC to Redlands LLC, lot in Redlands, $72,500

John E. Murphy to Gail A. Meeks, lot in Mill Creek, gift.

James B. Murray Jr. to Murcielago LLC, 6.112 acres at 6887 Blenheim Road, $210,000.

Kathleen Clark to Phillip E. Bishirjian and Angela Antenucci, 1718 Jumpers Run, $277,000.

Craig Enterprises Inc. to Anthony L. Chavez and Helle R. Johansson, 357 Grayrock Drive, Grayrock Orchard, Crozet, $272,216.

William E. Shull and Roxane S. Brown to Roxane A. Shifflett, 930 Holly Road, gift.

Robert Hauser Homes Inc. to Steve F. and Amy Elizabeth Marciniak, 5481 Hilltop Street, Parkside Village, Crozet, $238,000.

Teresa A. Fritz to Michael T. Mader, 1032 Cheshire Court, Stonehenge, $155,000.

Margaret M. Walton Braden to Paris D. Butler, 992 Salisbury Square, Stonehenge, $158,000.

Barry Meade Homes LLC to Medallion Enterprises LLC, 1660 Old Ballard Road, Logan's Run, $160,000.

Craig Enterprises Inc. to Zhongmin Du and Yongli Li, 121 Grayrock Drive, Grayrock, Crozet, $272,715.


Clarence A. and Betty D. Jones to Matthew G. and Tracy L. Brown, 1713 Vermira Place, Greenbrier, $252,000.

TSRM Group LLC to Clarence A. and Betty D. Jones, 2336 Ravenswood Court, Forest Lakes South, $198,500.

Harry B. Matney Jr. to Church Hill Development Co. 1.99 acres, $125,000.

Larry F. and Dorothy S. Gregory to Thomas P. and Donna D. Otis, 0.547 acres at 3498 Devon Pines, Glenmore, Keswick, $525,000.

William R. and Donna M. Emanuel to Robyn S. Vorous and John Q. A. Mattern III, 3.301 acres at 3320 Brookside Drive, Waverly, $370,000.

Carol S. Hoxie to J. R. Martin Construction Co., 2.001 acres at 54 Dogleg Road, Palmyra, $32,000.

Charles S. and Frances P. Gardner to Howard A. and Elizabeth A. Rothenberg, 3.77 acres on State Route 20, $196,000.

Darcy R. Crocker to Katherine A. Chester, unit in Millhouse condominiums, 1915 East Market Street, $340,000.


Barry Meade Homes LLC to Skyline Home Builders LLC, 2.360 acres at Logan's Run, $160,000.

Robert Hauser Homes Inc. to Jonathan J. Rhee, 1059 Bristlecone Lane, Willow Bend, Forest Lakes, $213,950.

Frederick W. Holt Jr. to Glenn E. and Victoria C. Branham, 2424 Commonwealth Drive, Berkeley, $120,000.

Lonesome Mountain Farm LLC to Jeanne and Russell L. Miller Jr., 2.990 acres at 3421 Lonesome Mountain Road, $115,200.

Mehrzad Shahriari to Evelyn A. and Fred D. Fulkerson Jr., 1618 Townwood Court, Townwood, $156,900.

Villa Deste LLC to Raymond A. and Bruce S. Costabile, 5.0 acre lot on Dry Bridge Road, Villa Deste, $290,000.

Elise K. Brigham, trustee, to Catherine Tapogna, 990 Riverrun Drive, LeParc, $185,000.


R. D. Wade Builder Inc. to John D. and Elizabeth H. Cramer, 1431 Cedarwood Court, Lake of the Woods, Redfields, $299,950.

Patricia S. Trunzo to Kenneth L. and Dorothy M. Harrell, 2364 Austin Drive, Briarwood, $145,000.

Dennis N. and Eunice Ragland to Old Dominion Equine Associates, 0.54 acres on State Route 231, $116,500.

Gregory J. and Cheryl K. Briehl to Bruce D. and Anne Rist Jolly, 5.474 acres at Chimney Rock, $225,000.

Gregory E. and Anita J. Carswell to David M. and Gemma Smalley, 3182 Saddlebrook Lane, Forest Lakes, $264,000.

Alyce-Fay Hawley to Fred A. Sowick, 1101 Mill Park Drive, Brookmill condominiums, $200,000.

Vicky R. Pershing Williams to Laurie A. and Ralph M. Lamp Jr., 2.20 acres on State Route 618, 2851 Martin Kings Road, Scottsville, $150,000.

Jeffrey A. Sweeting to William C. Taylor and Kathryn D. Goodman, 100 Scarborough Place, Sherwood Manor, $157,000.


Christine Birckhead Drumheller to Howard A. and Karen D. Pape, 1005 Deer Run Drive, Deer Run subdivision, Earlysville, $218,500.

Frederick D. and Maureen C. Ripin to D. H. and Dabney Eure, 6555 Saddleback Court, Emerald Ridge, Crozet, $379,900.

Althea Hurt Randolph to Charles W. Hurt Jr., trustee, 77.694 acres at 7537 Scottsville Road, $296,000.

Henry C. Childs to Robert H. Kirkpatrick Jr., 2075 North Pantops Drive, Ashcroft, $377,000.

Church Hill Development Co. to Westwood Associates LC, 11.026 acres at 750 Broad Axe Road, $95,000.

Patricia M. Stephens to David S. Via, 10.601 acres on State Route 682, 1102 Board Axe Road, $360,000.

Craig Enterprises Inc. to Robert B. and Jessica Russo, 1241 Courtyard Drive, Redfields, $223,582.

Wendell W. Gibson Inc. to John P. and Mary K. Blake, 1222 Redfields Road, Lake of the Woods, Redfields, $310,000.

Nancy C. Kern and Richard Scott Boyd to Jack B. and Joan E. Sorensen, 8.04 acres at 3613 Doctors Crossing, $325,000.


Sara L. Spradlin to Lisa D. Kent and Joseph M. Payne Jr., 2.0 acres at 6637 Jefferson Mill Road, Scottsville, $91,570.

Tim and Fuling T. Lum to Peter B. and Catherine M. Arnold, 1615 Robin Lane, Hollymead, $249,955.

Edward M. McLaughlin to Jason S. and Kara S. Orrock, 1333 Gristmill Drive, Mill Creek, $180,000.

J.C. Lang and Teresa P. Germanson-Lang to Erika F. Werner and W. Frazier Bell Jr., 2.164 acres at 3975 William Court, Ivy Woods subdivision, $346,900.

Audrey C. Menard, trustee, to Daniel C. Lavering, unit in University Village condominiums, 500 Crestwood Drive, $213,750.

John L. Baber to Timothy T. Sanford and Pamela G. Miller, 2.662 acres on State Route 689, 1346 Pounding Creek Road, $130,000.

W. Duncan and Meredith M. MacFarlane to Timothy M. and Andrea J. Messer, 3600 Turnbridge Lane, Glenmore, Keswick, $585,000.

E. Louis and Evelyn M. Kovacs to American Telephone Hardware Inc., 1468 Monterey Drive, Four Seasons, $154,900.

Julianne F. Carl to Kendall S. and Brian T. Duffy, 2840 Meadow Vista Drive, Locust Hill subdivision, $560,000.

Susan and Edison Jackson Jr., to Jackson Family Ltd., 53.710 acres in Scottsville district, $180,000.

Michael B. and Jasmine L. McGinty to Evan P. Seifert and Julie A. Plagenhoef, 1334 Creekside Drive, Village Homes, Mill Creek, $175,000.

John W. and Kimberly S. Morris to Paulette Olsheim, 3019 Watercrest Drive, Forest Lakes, $355,000.

Stanley Lynn and Jan N. Miller to Rebecca T. Craig, 27.860 acres at 1030 Rustling Oaks Drive, Rustling Oaks subdivision, $2,100,000.

Ian M. Rogol to Jewell C. Hay, 368 South Pantops Drive, Overlook condominiums, $143,170.

Douglas M. and Maybelle S. Taylor to Nicholas D. Hartman and Lindsay M. Tatum, 1017 Stirling Court, LeParc, Riverrun, $204,900.

William F. and Anissa Y. Walker to Michael J. Norvelle, 2.258 acres at 3822 Burnley Station Road, $222,000.


Charles W. Hurt, trustee, to Mark J. and Lillian M. Connor, 0.295 acres at 404 Berwick Court, $25,000.

David H. and Elizabeteh H. Ferrall to Bradley S. and Alexandria H. Boyer, 16.580 acres at 1508 Craig's Store Road, Woodlea, Afton, $1,135,000.

Lillian M. and Jesse H. Collier to Francis E. McGovern, 24 acres on State Route 817, 5904 Roach Ridge, White Hall magisterial district, $220,000.

Karen A. Eways to Daniel E., Christine M., and Karen A. Lyons, 118 Georgetown Green, $189,500.

Oliver C. and Dagmar Kuttner to David W. Dienner and Shawn Marie Cossette, 9.498 acres on State Route 626, 7794 Langhorne Road, Scottsville, $430,000.

Harold J. and Melissa R. Hairston to Michael W. and Kathryn J. Shareck, 527 Jester Lane, Camelot, $161,000.

Brenda Lee Johnson to Brenda Lee and Cecil B. Johnson Jr., 2.0 acres of State Route 631, 2409 Heartbreak Ridge, gift.

Henrietta M. Walton to Edward Lee and Dabeiba A. Johnson, 1.3 acres at 4433 Bunker Hill Road, Keswick, gift.

Joseph H. Cobb to Devin B. Bibb, 8373 Free Union Road, Free Union, $25,000.

Jitendra R. and Kashmira J. Doshi to Robert S. McAdams, 2211 Williamsburg Road, Berkeley, $166,000.

Charlene P. Thornton to Laurie M. Fear, 1121 Cottonwood Road, Wildwood subdivision, $232,000.

Thomas B. Miller to Douglas G. and Shanan Y. Orndorff, 1050 Old Fox Trail Lane, Western Ridge, gift.

Grace H. Norman-Silverman to Yun S. and Tammy T. Shim, 424 Heritage Court, Redfields, $344,900.

Matthew Laurence Richardson, trustee, to Edward B. and Marjorie L. Stewart, unit in University Village condominiums, 500 Crestwood Drive, $370,000.

Alice G. and Alice G. Stubbs to Robert and Suzanne Sigman, 105 Bennington Road, $190,000.

Leslie D. and Regina W. Wells to Elizabeth G. Spaulding, 6.190 acres at 1500 Garth Gate Lane, $1,110,000.

Big Deal


Stanley Lynn and Jan N. Miller to Rebecca T. Craig, 27.860 acres at 1030 Rustling Oaks Drive, Rustling Oaks subdivision, $2,100,000.