Presley's greedy

Shirley Presley shows her complete lack of respect for the community of Charlottesville by forcing Rivanna Trail users to make a long detour around her property. [June 17 "Quash game: How many subpoenas does a code violation need?"]

Her defender, Carolyn Reilly, claims this is necessary because of the dangerous times we live in.

If Presley is truly afraid of bogeymen coming to get her (notice to Presley: bogeymen are not coming to get you), she could erect a fence while allowing people to cross the bottom four foot section of her property, or selling this tiny fraction of her land to the city.

Her other rationalization for her selfish act is to claim that this is about "property rights." No, it is about thinking of others besides yourself once in a while. (Reilly, a missionary, seems to have missed this part of Christianity.)

Presley strings up razor wire, hires a belligerent attorney, will not make any compromise with the city, and then wonders why scorn is heaped upon her.

If she comes to the realization that this is not about an evil Rivanna Trail Foundation but rather about the greater good of the city of Charlottesville, Presley might then find that the community has a much different opinion of her.

Why not step off your private fortress into a community that would embrace your generosity?

Scott Johnsen