Tess Johnson to W. Nathaniel Howell, 12.20 acres in Rivanna district, $60,000.

Peter D. Nielsen to Jeannie L. Miller, lot at Murphy's Creek Farm, $243,000.

Calmil Investment Group LP to Ronald L. Kerber, 34.50 acres in five tracts on State Route 649, $900,000.

Steven L. and Codie C. Peters to Thomas W. and Kimberly A. Martin, 5.0 acres in Scottsville district, $65,000.

Woodbriar Associates Ltd. to Jeremy J. and Whitney E. Gatesman, 4720 Bluejay Way, Briarwood, $176,500.

Lexie Ann McVey to Charles F. and Sarah P. DuBose, 868 Broomley Road, Flordon, $590,000.

Sheryl B. Heckler to Richard Peters, 225 Wellington Drive, Ednam Forest, $1,000,000.

Caroline A. Stone to Carolyn B. and Earle B. Hobbs Jr., 1690 Sourwood Place, Hollymead, $255,000.

Derald Herinckx and Anita S. Long to Chris P. and Jessica A. Lupold, 1027 Still Meadow Crossing, Still Meadow, $424,900.

R. W. Mawyer Inc. to David G. and Mary J. Pullin, 5235 Tanager Woods Drive, Tanager Woods, $467,222.

Ronald K. and Deborah J. Tucker to Barney R. Groves and Katherine C. Gay, 0.732 acres on State Route 626, 3354 James River Road, Howardsville, $239,000.

Robert Hauser Homes Inc. to Eugene S. and Lexie A. McVey, 1215 Townbrook Crossing, Rivercrest of Dunlora, $336,950.

George B. Wayland Jr. to John G. Williams, 11.32 acres at 6500 Mint Springs Park, $140,000.

Drew E. and Robyn O. Partridge to Jon S. and Gretchen A. Jackson, 1177 Redfields Road, Redfields, $346,500.


Rickey E. and Natalie J. White to Irvin D. Talbott, 120 Lupine Lane, Deerwood, $162,400.

Southland Homes Inc. to Stong Sheng, 1350 Stoney Ridge Road, Mill Creek, $188,200.

R. D. Wade Builder Inc. to Richard D. and Kimberly J. Coonce, 1709 Doringh Place, Still Meadow, $427,809.

Mikel A. and Sheila G. DeLoach to Thomas J. Casey III, 1209 Bixham Lane, Fieldboook, $240,000.

Grayrock LLC to Church Hill Development Co., six lots at Crozet Glen, $498,000.

E. Randall Ralston, Trustee, to George L. and Cindy R. Herndon, 175 Forestvue Drive, Blue Ridge Forest, $420,000.

Robert A. Plumb and Linda M. Czumak to Barry L. and Pamela A. Wagner, 1288 Still Meadow Avenue, $497,500.

University of Virginia Foundation to Rectors and Visitors of the University of Virginia, 4.3059 acres, Fontaine Research Park, $12,044,000.

Christopher N. and Lisa W. Fitch to Virginia I. Simnad and David L. Ashlin 610 Windrift Drive, Windrift, Earlysville, $325,000.

Grayrock LLC to Barry Meade Homes LLC, seven lots in Crozet Glen, $586,000.

Forest Lakes Associates to Forest Lakes Shops LLC, 1.48 acres, 1.4-acre ouparcel on Route 29. Price unavailable.

Jerry A. Smithwick, Ex., to Melanie J. West, unit in Turtle Creek condominiums, 114 Turtle Creek Road, $139,900.

Penny S. Garrett to Ignacio and Lorena DeMarco, 2370 Austin Drive, Briarwood, $138,500.

Robert M. Callaghan, Trustee, to Douglas E. Matthews and Kelly L. Johnston, 4.09 acres in Samuel Miller district, $33,000.


Ace Cottages LLC to New Oaks LLC, 2.67 acres on State Route 649, $410,000.

Robert Hauser Homes Inc. to Mary P. and Kamal M. Abouzeid, 308 Shepherd's Ridge Circle, Dunlora, $447,686.

Ruth E. Guss to Brenda L. and John L. Lively, 2.31 acres at 6748 Lemon Hill, Keene, $136,900.

Robert Hauser Homes Inc. to John G. and Anna Maria Alton, 5487 Hilltop Street, Parkside Village, Crozet, $223,840.

Robert H. Harris Jr. to Douglas E. Caton, 34.26 acres, $1,900,000.

Ruby S. Nightingale and Aretha Smith Hughes to Bruce A. and Carolyn S. Humphries, 809 Hacktown Road, Keswick, $100,000.

Hobe Sound Management II LLC to Gene Bolla, 23 acres at 5362 Stony Point Road, Barboursville, $830,000.

Craig Enterprises Inc. to Suzanne M. Turner, 466 Heritage Court, Redfields, $275,216.

Robert Hauser Homes Inc. to Stanley T. Brooks, 2206 Shepherd's Ridge Road, Dunlora, $324,950.

Russell E. Strait to Eam Services LLC, parcel at Hickory Ridge Farm, $455,000.

Lincoln F. Kilbourne, Trustee, to Lamont H. and Constance N. Tupper, unit in University Village condominiums, 500 Crestwood Drive, $367,500.

Bhalchandra R. and Nilambari B. Patel to Barbara P. Kittel, 1057 Somerchase Court, Hollymead townhouses, $232,000.

Noah DeFalco to Rock Castle Creek LLC, parcels, $984,330.

Preston Moore Jr. and Sherrie E. Barrow to Laura M. Justice and Ian C. Mykel, 2.978 acres at 811 Old Turner Mountain Lane, $340,000.

Southland Homes Inc. to David M. and Linda H. Callihan, 1530 Running Cedar Court, Bentivar, $489,947.

University of Virginia Foundation to William J. Moses and Patricia M. Kluge, seven parcels on Ellerslie Drive, $10,500,000.

Ronald L. Marcus to Sycamore Creek LLC, 400.519 acres in five parcels at South Ford Farms, Samuel Miller district, $5,250,000.

Harry J. G. and Janny E. VanBeek to Anthony W. and Keiko I. Greenberg, 1255 Chatham Ridge Road, $285,000.

Jeffrey A. and Teresa S. Russell to Christian Arellano, 308 Starcrest Road, Mill Creek, $237,000.

Allan B. Cunningham to Jefferson Area Builders Inc., 19 acres on State Route 618, $207,000.

Lindsay S. and Wendy J. Ellis to Jian Zhong Zhang and Kam Ying Yu, 2922 Idlewood Drive, $255,000.

Holly Ann and John N. Graff Jr. to Diane L. Halvorsen, 5.79 acres at 1985 Thomas Jefferson Parkway, $274,900.

SunTrust Bank, Trustee, to Charles William Hurt, Trustee, 16.01 acres, $500,000.

David E. and Sharon L. Sprowls to Jeremy S. Hunt and Deandra J. Little, 1632 Farmbrook Place, $244,500.

Ronald B. and Lara B. Casteel to Betsy M. Maldonado and Carmen Ramirez, 334 Bennington Road, Bennington Woods, $205,000.

VanderLinde Housing Inc. to Christopher J. and Lisa Catherine Northup, 1820 River Inn Lane, Still Meadow, $464,950.

Christopher S. and Marjorie C. Kyle to Linda T. Clarry, 1121 Snowden Drive, Raintree, $240,000.

Leonard C. and Charlotte L. Ott to W. Duncan and Meredith M. MacFarlane, 9.7187 acres on State Route 635, Willow Brook Estates, $375,000.

Harry A. Austin to Matthew Blanchard, 2.840 acres at 350 Audubon Drive, Earlysville, $214,500.

Robert Hauser Homes Inc. to David L. and Michelle L. Rocker, 3161 Turnberry Circle, Springridge at Forest Lakes, $358,950.



Melinda R. and Stewart M. Long III to James P. and Gail S. Barber, 1708 Rugby Avenue, $384,600.

Matthew E. Jenks to Rebecca A. and Christian E. Mullard, 1632 Brandywine Drive, $80,800.


Russell K. and Margaret P. Carrico to Catherine F. Casey, 2510 Willard Drive, $186,000.

Maxwell W. and Leslie A. Gessner to Jennifer E. McCord, 108 Waterbury Court, $146,900.

Walter H. and Elizabeth A. Forren to Meredith and Ainslee R. Ferdie, 1423 Briarcliff Avenue, $175,000.

M. Allen Davis, Trustee, to Sandbox LLC, 1304 Avon Street, $75,000.

Carrie C. Washington to Matt Dawson Enterprises LLC, 103 Linden Street, $80,000.

Westwood Associates LC to William D. Tucker III, condominium unit in Druid Hill Residences, 1105 Druid Avenue, $199,233.

Michael D. Lyster to Anthony M. and Patricia A. LaBua, unit in Arlington Court condominiums, $101,000.


Belmont Loft Company LLC to Judith L. McLeod, unit in Belmont Lofts, 202 Douglas Avenue, $305,900.

Belmont Loft Company LLC to Hosea L. Mitchell, unit in Belmont Lofts, 202 Douglas Avenue, $152,500.

Jesse W. Gammon to J. Brad and Lori D. Wood, unit in Arlington Court condominiums, $82,500.

Creighton M. Hoover to Kate W. and John F. Shegda, 808 Belmont Avenue, $340,000.

Donna F. Bingler to Margaret Hartje-Swanson and David P. Swanson, 357 sq. ft. of condominium space at 408 E. Market Street, $35,700.


Gary D. and Rosemary B. Oxford to Evan S. Davis, 106 Waterbury Court, $162,000.

Joanna S. Shipp to James A. Shipp Jr., 303 Camellia Drive, Azalea Gardens, $196,000.

Daniel T. Willingham to Simeon and Alice Fitch, 1634 Brandywine Drive, $339,000.

Belmont Loft Company LLC to Maria A. and James W. Bell Jr., unit in Belmont Lofts condominiums, 202 Douglas Avenue, $261,900.


Linda J. and Ward S. Miller Jr. to Robert J. Lynch, 403 Valley Road extended, $166,000.

Westwood Associates LC to Steven M. Tucker, unit in Druid Hill Residences condominiums, $165,900.

Robert P. and Carol T. Bauer to Jonathan Y. Dinh, 320 Carlton Road, $184,000.

Charles W. Hurt and Shirley Fisher, Trustees, to Southern Properties LLC, five lots in Burnet Commons, $225,000.

David L. Hughes to Dinesh G. and Swati D. Saravate, unit in Jefferson Park condominiums, $125,000.

Belmont Loft Company LC to John N. Anderson and Isolina G. Nunez-Anderson, condominium unit at 202 Douglas Avenue, $198,000.

Lane L. Bonner to Development Management Too LLC, parcel on Sunset Avenue, gift.

Development Management Too LLC to Access Properties LLC, lot on Sunset Avenue, $131,000.

Norman C. Kiser and Harry L. Taylor to Rental Pro Inc., six lots on River Road, $975,000.

R. L. Beyer Construction Co. to Daniel T. Willingham and Trisha Lee Thompson-Willingham, 104 Tripper Court, $346,200.


Kersti Morton to Ray Masters, 710 Elsom Street, $93,000.

Donald E. Martin to Catherine Miles, 784 Prospect Avenue, $90,000.

Eugene P. and Mary W. Pollock to Neal and Martien Halvorson-Taylor, 214 Cameron Lane, $365,000.


Walter A. and Sheila W. Bowles to Brian M. Ferki and Julia Blodgett, 151 Stribling Avenue, $150,000.

Anthony M. and Patricia A. LaBua to Holly M. Cooney, 703 12th Street NW, $119,500.


Sarah A. Churchill to Anthony M. and Cathy M. Trotter, 509 Moseley Drive, $192,500.


Belmont Loft Company LLC to Alfred H. Wells III, condominium unit at 202 Douglas Avenue, $210,500.

Margaret L. and Charles F. Moon Sr. to Margaret L. Moon, 1606 Center Avenue, pursuant to separation agreement.

Southern Property Inc. to Charles M. and Joan E. Zolak, 125 Burnet Street, Burnet Commons, $278,800.



Ronald L. Marcus to Sycamore Creek LLC, 400.519 acres in five parcels at South Ford Farms, Samuel Miller district, $5,250,000.