Scott and Compton not folkies

I resent the fact that any female with a guitar is referred to as a "folk singer." [June 3 music review: "Feminine mystique: Gravity missing at Gravity"].

Neither Kathy Compton or Alexandra Scott are Folk singers. They are both musicians that rock and should not be overlooked or pigeonholed because they are female, playing guitars.

As far the audience responding to and loving the song with the word f*** in the chorus, perhaps it had more to do with the fact they agreed more with the line "do it longer than one or two minutes," and not just the word.

Give these musicians the props they are due– they both are talented, beautiful musicians who write and play their own music. Please lay off the word "folk"– stop putting them in a box.

They just played a show down here in New Orleans, and it was awesome.

Carri Rawls
New Orleans