Phish great, says Fowler

I would just like to comment on the excerpt you recently ran on the band Phish breaking up. [June 3: "Phish farewell: Dead's heir band to quit"].

Clearly the person who wrote the article knows nothing about the jam band community, and the quote "Dave Matthews Band's support runs a whole lot wider and deeper than Phish's ever did," is obviously made in ignorance.

The fact is Dave Matthews and his band could only hope to have the same dedicated following Phish does and did. Bottom line is that after college Dave Matthews fans move on with their jobs, while after college Phish fans will get their jobs, then continue to see their band whenever they can. Whether that means taking a trip to Vegas for a few days, or going up to Vermont for a final festival.

As far as a Phish/Dave Matthews Band connection, there is none. The bassist for DMB, as you may know, has said that he hates Phish and the type of music they play, and went so far as to say he is trying to swing the band to move away slowly from the music they play and become more "hardcore."

I would hope in the future you have people that write more accurate articles and have people research their facts and items they are writing before you publish them on the website.

A Phish Fan with a successful full-time job

Joe Fowler
Address unknown