Gay ban earns cancellation

I was disturbed and incredulous when I read the article about the two women who were denied an engagement announcement in The Daily Progress. [June 3: " No Progress: Gay wedding pics nixed"].

However when I called, the paper confirmed this policy "as long as it was illegal."

Given that the enlightened state of Virginia does not recognize same sex marriages [and therefore there is no law regarding them], it seems like a difficult law to break. Not only was I unable to figure out how one might circumvent such a [non-existent] law, but neither could I see anything illegal about printing the notice. In fact it seems like a cheap excuse for discrimination.

On the anniversary of Brown vs. the Board of Education, when we are all recalling those bitter lessons of past injustices, it is incongruous to me that "our local paper" would take such a despicable position.

Having been a subscriber for most of my adult life, I have given the Progress notice of my cancellation.

Geoffrey Pitts