Olde towne: Strawberry yields forever

There's something charming about small town festivals. Maybe it's the high spirits of locals pulling together that create a heart warming feeling– and then, of course, there are the results that put everyone in a good mood. At least that's how it felt Sunday, June 6, at Stanardsville's Strawberry and Mountain Heritage Festival.

With an abundance of folk arts and crafts, Southern BBQ stands, plenty of music and performance, and the ubiquitous Civil War camp re-enactors, there was fun for all. Sadly, Photophile missed the Wild West shoot-out on Saturday which reportedly included floozies draped around the Lafayette Hotel. Next year– there's always next year.

Even without the shoot-out, the festival was worth the trip from Charlottesville. Beyond just mingling and taking it slow, there were great deals on strawberries and everything that goes with them. At the festival headquarters, tucked in the middle town, one could purchase a carton of fresh red deliciousness for only $2. Add tasty strawberry treats like strawberry and white-chocolate cookies, and the whole effect was stunning. Sometimes, life is sweet.

Greg Baker points the way to the strawberries. Sadly, all he had was strawberry syrup.

Civil War Re-enactor Jame Flansburg and his spacious pup tent

The sign, the town, the legend

Blackie Watts and his son, Justin, put a piece of hot metal in its place.

JoAnn Woods serves sweet treats with the sweetest smile in Stanardsville.