Richard W. Dahlen, Trustee, to Russell and Martha Hof, 1623 Yorktown Drive, $200,000.

FSR Investments LLC to Samantha A. Gavin, 807 Montrose Avenue, $159,900.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Kristine Reinicke, 332 10-l/2 Street NW, $58,500.


Marion Rust to Hunter Ware and Ashley Snyder, 403 Hedge Street, $280,000.

Malinda M. Miller to People's Mortgage Corp., 2709 Eton Road, $205,000.

Joseph and Dorie A. Mallory to Andrew J. Hawald, 701 Avon Street, $180,000.

Theresa S. Robinson to Dyrel L. Kimball, 837 St. Clair Avenue, $258,000.

Whitehall Investors LLC to Mark C. and Kacie L. Karafa, 1317 Early Street, $100,000.


Robert M. and Patricia J. Branch to Mary Phoebe James, 743 Orangedale Avenue, $81,200.

Samuel I. White, Substitute Trustee, and Peggy J. Jones to Angus Arrington IV and Susan R. Hoover, 979 Rockcreek Drive, $60,098.

Robert D. Brugh to UVA Foundation, two parcels on West Main Street, $3,400,000.

Frank Bergland to Joan E. Harper, 710 Belmont Avenue, $335,000.

Sherry C. Rivet to Jonathan and Robyn Fink, 1116 Forest Hills Avenue, $205,000.

WT&G Properties to Benjamin W. Sokja, 707 Maple Street, $170,000.

Anthony M. and Patricia A. LaBua to Maria M. Steiner, lot at 1201 Rosser Avenue, $90,000.

Timothy R. and Mary Beth Slagle to Robert S. and Stefanie P. Marshall, unit in Jefferson Park condominiums, $112,000.


Kurt R. and Lori K. Koschnitzke to Raymond F. Moreland and Suzanne S. Crozier, 138 Brandywine Court, $223,000.

Robert and Sarah N. Trundle to Jean Francois D. Mamena and Julie E. Bates, 303 Old Lynchburg Road, $220,000.

Patrick L. and Helaine L. Reynolds to Ryan P. and Courtney H. Smith, 1007 Holmes Avenue, $189,000.

Cecil B. Hancock to William D. Seay, 1002 Blenheim Avenue, $174,000.

Ralph Main Jr., Trustee, to Wendell and Tina Drumheller, $445,000.

Nancy Anne Megill to Neil K. Carter, 110 Buckingham Road, $300,000.

Safronia E. Jackson to Jeffrey D. and Susan Lanterman, 405 Ridge Street, $168,500.



Martha G. Bates, Trustee, to Paul D. Quinn, 5.0 acres, $400,000.

Martha G. Bates, Trustee, to Greenwood LLC, 38.1 acres, $450,000.

Branchlands Professional Center to Robert Gest III, 1410 Incarnation Drive, $186,558.

RJR LC to Marc J. and Karen Y. Landau, parcel in Highlands, $299,000.

Ronald W. and Constance N. Wenger to David T. and Nancy T. Paulson, 2.287 acres at 2750 Owensfield Court, Owensfield, $655,000.

Weather Hill Homes Ltd. to Joel M. and Catherine H. Linden, 1670 Blackwood Road, Flordon, $707,730.

Gregory M. and Blair H. Johnson to Constance Wenger, 848 Summit View Lane, Cory Farm, $315,000.

Rocks LLC to Robert C. and Susan Fonger, 5.346 acres at the Rocks, Samuel Miller district, $265,000.

Robert Hauser Homes Inc. to Theodore E. and Mary A. Reuter, 2397 Pendower Lane, Glenmore, $675,000.

Rowles E. Adams to MacMillan Pace LLC, 3.332 acres, $175,000.

Juliet Sara Liss to Sherry L. Rivet, 941 Haden Lane, Crozet, $205,000.

Derek A. Orth, Trustee, to Alpha Omega LLC, 12.86 acres at 2011 Catlin Road, $775,000.

Larry L. and Beverly B. French to Michael R. and Stephanie L. Benzian, 1410 Wendover Drive, West Leigh, $412,000.

Grant L. and Melinda J. Gould to Traditional Homes of Albemarle, 1193 Woodlands Road, $168,750.

Mark R. and Joanne C. Wilkinson to Ray F. Kauffman, 2224 Montalcino Way, Fontana, $360,900.


Ian C. Lewis to Mark D. and Judy Carey Nevin, 2468 Craig's Store Road, Batesville, $141,500.

Ralph E. Main Jr., Trustee of the Robinson-Bell Land Trust, to Shannon D. Lientz III, unit in Turtle Creek condominiums, $129,900.

Robert Hauser Homes Inc. to Thomas C. and Heather J. Walton, 5445 Hilltop Street, Parkside Village, $204,950.

Happy Valley LLC to Weston Development Co. LC, lot in Walnut Hills, $136,500.

Clare R. Johnson and Rosemary J. Taibbi to John and Barbara Cruickshank, 1248 Gazebo Court, Branchlands, $186,000.

Guy C. and Juanita B. McGee to James M. and Lila D. Marshall, 602 Mockingbird Way, Branchlands, $280,000.

Jacy Showers to Juana E. Tang, 3865 Solaris Road, Solaris, $320,000.

Rocks LLC to Southland Homes Inc., lot in the Rocks, $240,000.

I & J Home Builders LLC to Judy C. Walker, 2.0 acres on State Route 620, $40,000.


Linda L. Moore, Trustee, to GTF Homes LLC, 2506 Sun Ridge Road, Red Hill Meadows, $80,000.

Jane P. Kirksey to Geraldine L. Verga, 9 Ednam Village Street, Ednam Village, $525,000.

Huckleberry Hill Farm LLC to Bruce Lee and Lynn Anne Telford, parcel in Dyke, $16,194.

William R. and Sandra A. Robertson, Trustees, to Gerard S. Savage, 115 Wendover Lane, Key West, $209,000.

Albemarle Housing Improvement Program to Andrew J. and Jodi B. Miller, 2856 Camp Springs Road, Esmont, $152,000.

Bettie H. Hall to Harry Lee Scott, 89 Woodlake Drive, Four Seasons, $137,950.

Jean C. Yen to Lisette Yoko Takayama, unit in Huntington Village condominiums, 309 Harvest Drive, $215,000.

Benjamin E. Myers to H. August and Martha W. Sanusi, 7 Ridgeview Circle, Mill Creek, $188,600.

Wade and Wade, Trustees, to Beneficial Discount Co. of Virginia, lot in Sherwood Manor, $109,000.


Stephen B. Wood to Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corp., 3.717 acres, $98,593.

Meadwestvaco Corp. to Cabin LLC, 18.887 acres, $18,887.

Bo Ping and Wen Sy Wang to Trent A. and George A. Giannini, 288 Albert Court, Camellia Gardens, $90,300.

Bo Ping and Wen Sy Wang to Cassandra K. Williams and Trent A. Giannini, 290 Albert Court, Camellia Gardens, $94,000.

Danny W. and Myrna F. Wilmer to Barry W. and Traci B. Wood, 1875 Kenwood Place, Forest Lakes South, $281,750.

Suzanne K. and Earl L. White Jr. to Melinda H. Cardell, 315 Eastbrook Drive, Woodbrook, $217,000.

Roxy Sollars Hicks to Laura and George Paul Light, 11.5 acres at 2241 Decca Lane, Cricket Hill, $225,000.

James W. Quarles Jr. to Patricia F. Robinson Bell, unit in Turtle Creek condominiums, $137,400.

Chadwick W. and Tisha A. Hawk to Bassam T. Dajani and Iman B. Aldajani, 506 Pebble Court, Redfields, $235,000.

Doris L. Moore to Dofflemyer Development LLC, 4.24 acres, $139,000.

Marc P. and Melissa F. Michalsky to E. Michael, Edmund J., and Meredith Gerli, 1515 Still Meadow Cove, Still Meadow, $448,400.

Lawless J. and Jennifer L. Barrientos to Jennifer A. and Horace R. Higgins III, 2248 Montalcino Way, Fontana, $318,000.


Kamal M. and Mary P. Abouzeid to Richard H. and Robert Gibson, 1480 Ashland Drive, $217,500.

Robert Hauser Homes Inc. to Eugene E. Hoffman, 1217 Townbrook Crossing, Rivercrest of Dunlora, $306,950.

Barbara S. Brochu and David Lee Sprouse Jr. to Robert Tyburski, 3.43 acres in Rivanna district, $11,750.

Wayne Keith and Mary Ellen Ford to Frederick Williamson and Mary T. Rice, 20.22 acres in White Hall district, $110,000.

Walter W. and Shirley B. Weingartner to James J. Ryan Jr., 512 Kellogg Drive, Ednam, $395,000.

J. Keller Kaufman-Fox and Melba Christy to Charles E. and Marcia F. Mensing, 106 Running Fox Lane, Foxcroft, $274,900.

Joel M. Linden and Catherine C. Hedrick to Slate Mills LLC, 207 Harvest Drive, Huntington Village condominiums, $235,000.

Craig Enterprises Inc. to Amherst Howard and Judy R. Lamb, 454 Heritage Court, Redfields, $225,773.

Crescent Development Group LLC to Barry Meade Homes LLC, lot in Still Meadow, $75,000.

John H. Birdsall III to Virginia Outdoors Foundation, 78.35 acres, gift.


Charles W. Hurt Jr. and Shirley Fisher, Trustees, to R.W. Mawyer Inc., 645 Bridlepath Drive, Tanager Woods, $125,000.

Charles W. Hurt Jr. and Shirley Fisher, Trustees, to Stephen R. Jacques, Trustee, lot in Carrsbrook, $100,000.

Robert W. and Jane S. Haigh to Stanley J. and Cynthia H. Durtan, 404 Ednam Drive, Ednam Forest, $670,000.

Quarries LLC to Kevin L. and Nicole M. Lawrence, 7.37 acres in the Quarries subdivision, $45,000.

Church Hill Development Co. to Chadwick W. and Tisha A. Hawk, 2.417 acres at 2948 Catlett Road, $399,200.

Marvin E. and Donna L. Gearhart to Thomas M. and Amanda B. Trucksess, 2386 Ilex Court, North Pines, $274,500.

James E. and Susan L. Kyner to H. August and Martha W. Sanusi, 4659 Briarwood Drive, Briarwood, $157,000.

Alda Tufro McReddie to James E. and Susan L. Kyner, 408 Eastbrook Drive, Woodbrook, $217,000.

Hee Myung and Hyo Sook Kim to Leah Raeann Griffith, 1074 Towne Lane, Village Square, $160,000.


Frank and Earlene May to Robert M. and Patricia J. Branch, 504 Eastbrook Drive, Blue Hills, $120,000.

Elizabeth P. Haslam and Ashby H. Longewell to Ashby H. and Dennis C. Longewell and Deborah H. Peniston, unit at 635 Worthington Drive, Ednam condominiums, $136,239.

N and S LC to Gambit LLC, interest in lot C, $1,542,828.77.

H and H LC to Gambit LLC, interest in lots A and B, $212,500.

H and H LC to N+S LC, interest in lots A and B, $212,500.

VanderLinde Housing Inc. to Bernard Marshall,

Stefanie J. and Pamela N. Tincher to Jeremy D. and Jill Karle Leahman, 7.3 acres at 724 Coles Rolling Road, $82,000.

CMS Charlottesville Associates LLC to Gambit LLC, 1311 Stony Point Road, $900,000.


Duane J. and Andrea S. McCliggott to Joseph R. N. Ratnayake and Anjula U. Joseph, 212 Buttercup Lane, Lake Reynovia, $228,000.

Redfields Development Corp. to Craig Enterprises Inc., six lots in Redfields, $335,093.

Janny E. M. VanBeek to Grayson C. McNeeley, 13.8647 acres in White Hall district, $220,000.

Frederick G. Miller to Richard Beyer, lot in Huntington Village, $201,000.

Cynthia E. Graves to Jimmy B. Banton, 597 Pebblecreek Court, Brookmill condominiums, $185,000.

Kerney G. Rhoden Jr. to Peter C. and Cindy Carroll Groh, unit in Turtle Creek condominiums, $113,000.

Brian H. and Laura W. Jackson to Jennifer Bhalla, 85 Georgetown Green, $210,000.

George E. Davies to Weather Hill Holdings Ltd., 9.72 acres, $700,000.

Jack N. Kegley to Jack B. Sorensen, 1830 Bentivar Drive, Bentivar, $98,500.

Trinity LLC to Mark E. Ragland, 624 Crumpet Court, Stonehenge, gift.

Grayrock LLC to R. D. Wade Builder Inc., 7 lots in Grayrock, $515,900.

Big deal


CMS Charlottesville Associates LLC to Gambit LLC, 1311 Stony Point Road, $900,000.