Clear skies: But sadness at final Kite Day

Way back in the spring of 1965, a group of folks got some friends together on top of Brown's Mountain (officially known as Mountain Top Farm). Their friends brought some other friends, and pretty soon an annual tradition of great views and brews was born.

Who knew it would last 39 years? Sadly, this year may be the final flight of Kite Day. The Thomas Jefferson Memorial Foundation has raised $15 million to purchase the farm lock, stock, and barrel.

The 330-acre lot was once owned by TJ, who christened it "Montalto." The Foundation has said it wants to eventually run public trails up the mountain, which– had it not intervened– could have sprouted mansions looking down on Monticello. [See story in the News section.–editor]

Just how do the residents feel about their removal? Sad to disappointed, but most agreed with the idea of preservation. The residents didn't let being forced to leave their apartment homes spoil Kite Day!

With a huge turnout, a giant inflatable panda bear, free South Street beer, and famous bluesman Corey Harris, this Saturday, May 29 event was fun for all ages– not to mention a glorious day to be outside.

Kite Day, you will be sorely missed...

Long-time Mountain Top Farm residents Keith and Pamela Donnelly are moving to Crozet.

Corey Harris sings some mountain-top blues.

The last Kite Day in all its glory.

Though the wind was calm, some kites bobbed about.

Resident Jacob Licht unties his kite string. He's excited about his impending move to Berkeley, California.

Patrick O'Hare is a master kite flier.

With the clearest day in weeks, the view was stunning.

Sajid Vohra takes one last look down at Monticello.