Remakers abound: UVA's got company

While UVA marches slowly to 10th Street, smaller operations are under way. A hair salon opened recently near Starr Hill Brewery, as did a company that matches day-laborers with work in the old Murray's Steaks building. The Amtrak station property, owned by Gabe Silverman and Alan Cadgene, is for sale.

In other Silverman/Cadgene news, they're expanding the Main Street Market– that purple complex of upscale fooderies across from the Centel building– with three new shop spaces.

Next door to the ABC store (which he developed in 1989 to consolidate two other downtown ABC stores), Roy Haney is developing a three-story brick building featuring retail space on Main Street and two apartment levels above.

"I've been on West Main since 1960," says Haney, who got his start with Peyton Pontiac and operated his own used car lot on West Main from 1965 to 1989. His architect is Bill Daggett, and his construction estimate is $350,000 to $400,000.

Roy Haney is building apartments by his ABC store.