Kostich Construction Inc. to Patricia Stephens, 372 Bayberry Way, Deerwood, $252,350.

Peter Easter to John K. Taggart IV, 0.372 acres at 774 Merion Green, Chatham Ridge, $166,000.

Gregory J. Nagy to Kip Reed Chatterson, 0.501 acres at 5950 Weston Lane, Crozet, $249,500.

R. D. Wade Builder Inc. to Charles E. Swartz, 1258 Still Meadow Avenue, Still Meadow, $336,781.

Craig Enterprises Inc. to Jeffrey T. Riley, 1437 Cedarwood Court, Redfields, $304,430.

Monique Tyler to Mary Elizabeth Spear, 907 Stonehenge Road, Stonehenge, $152,000.

Donald G. Powers to Robert W. Couch Jr., 3.06 acres on State Route 616, 4888 Richmond Road, Keswick, $100,000.

Redlands LLC to Saadiz F. ElAmin, 4719 Blue Jay Way, Briarwood, $193,000.

Barbara B. Hecht, Trustee, to David T. Speakman Street, 3165 Sandown Park Road, Glenmore, Keswick, $430,000.

Bryan D. Wibberley to Tess Franklyn, 15.,312 acres at 4414 Old Sand Road, Schuyler, $88,250.

Robert J. Vanyo to June Apple LLC, unit at 1421 Sachem Place, Sachem Village, $205,000.

Redfields Development Corp. to Wendell W. Gibson Inc., lot in Redfields, $85,000.

Kay S. Paling to Christopher S. Rudasill, 217 Harvest Drive, Huntington Village, $222,000.

Timothy J. Nitzsche to Michael T. Sisk, 1249 Clover Ridge Place, Highlands at Mechum's River, $173,000.

Redlands LLC to Kay Spooner Paling, 1320 Amber Ridge Road, Highlands at Mechum's River, $279,000.

Carol P. Robinson to Carlos Loya, 4376 Burton Lane, North Garden, $122,000.



Bradley F. and Dawn M. Jacobs to Michelle A. and Nancy L. Eden, 104 Waterbury Court, $162,550.Keith S. Halford to Bruce D. and Elizabeth I. Gehle, 710 Hinton Avenue, $320,000.

Jonathan and Robyn Fink to MR2J, 1116 Forest Hills Avenue, $205,000.


Wachovia Bank to Caren M., G. Wayne, and P. Byrd Eastham Jr. and James E. Wootton, 2610 Jefferson Park Circle, $247,000.

William D. and Marsha T. Herbert to Martin M. Treu, 2010 Hessian Road, $725,000.


Arnold W. Key to Wayne A. and Deborah S. Hall, 1706 Short 18th Street, $100,000.

Allen R. Dickerson to Richard Z. Gallant, 505 Elliott Avenue, $169,000.

Damon S. and Lesli S. DeVito to Heather H. Freix, 2311 Greenbrier Drive, $276,500.

Dolores M. and Robert A. Wells Jr. and Renwick W. and Carol S. Megahan to Sing Kung and He Quing Li Yu, 1136 East High Street, $246,250.

Marianna Boaz Woodward to Ali Bouabid and Majida Bargach, 108 Northwood Circle, $291,000.


Catharine E. Carrales to James K. Kepchar and Anne T. deVault, 2230 Brandywine Drive, $274,500.

Kenneth F. Thurston to Myles T. Thurston, 1028 Locust Avenue, $100,000.

Richard L. Winston to J. Kempton Shields II, Trustee, 323 Montebello Circle, $328,300.

Innisfree Inc. to Roxanne W. and David I. White Jr., 505 Park Plaza, $399,900.

Steve M. Harris to Stephen Mendenhall, 111 Darien Terrace, $143,000.


Irene B. Huja to Charleen P. Lane-Thornton, 1706 Mason Lane, $251,500.

Kathryn Z. Riosa to Daniel Feigert and Elizabeth Carpenter, 1205 Meriwether Street, $184,900.

Southern Property LLC t/a Southern Development to Mary C. Armstrong, 123 Burnet Street, Burnet Commons, $257,975.

Ada L. Atkinson to Weford Douglas, 1100 Page Street, $55,000.

Helen B. Reynolds to Satyendra and Irene B. Huja, 1502 Holly Road, $316,500.


Jeffery D. and Susan M. Lanterman to James S. and Jennifer J. Ragsdale and F. Scott and Lynda P. Ragsdale, 723 Nalle Street, $104,000.

Shannon L. Meeks to Jennifer L. Haynes, 119 Waterbury Court, $145,000.


Patricia L. Johnson to Matt Dawson Enterprises LLC, 402 Jones Street, $95,000.

Joseph Mallory to Kenneth G. Gatewood and Lauren F. Winner, 405 Dice Street, $116,000.

Ruby C. Jenkins to Christopher J. Einolf and Ashley W. Spell, 808 Bolling Avenue, $152,000.

Belmont Loft Company LLC to Frederick J. Lyle, unit in Belmont Loft condominiums, $188,000.

Pamela S. Silcox to Robert E. and Marcella B. Crum, 1653 Meridian Street, $160,000.


Central Virginia Capital LLC to Hans Banziger Jr., 1106 Blenheim Avenue, $183,000.


James R. Ramsey to Michael A. Grosso, 1115 Altavista Avenue, $155,000.

Mary L. Kemp Maroney to Megan C. and Davies W. Bissett III, 2108 Morris Road, $440,000.

Mary L. Kemp Maroney to Michael T. and Ann J. Holland, 2107 Morris Road, $180,000.

Edwin E. and Ruth D. Wade to Tavra K. and Edwin J. Brown Jr., 1205 River Vista Avenue, $191,000.

Otis B. Haney Jr. to Chancey, Riebeling, Smiley, and Willy LLC, 1008 East Jefferson Street, $205,000.

Darren L. and Miki T. Purnell to William Bradford and Danielle D. Wilcox, 416-418 Fourth Street SW, $175,000.

Daniel R. and Raymond E. Jackson to Haris Bukvic, 800 Ridge Street, $107,800.


Faye M. Davis to Richard W. and Sherri L. Smith, 1327 East Market Street, $149,500.

Retta L. Harris to Druid Avenue LLC, 1010-1014 Druid Avenue, $352,500.

George M. Diggs, Trustee, to Jean L. and Mac M. Derry, 601 Malcolm Crescent, $180,000.


Winter Haven Ltd. to Carlton House LLC, 300 Carlton Road, $375,000.

Patricia Pauley to Alan W. and Wanchat Francis, 602 Belmont Avenue, $73,500.

Melissa and Galen Warren to Merritt S. Becker and Kemal Vaz, 1630 Rose Hill Drive, $225,000.

Bank of America NA, Trustee, to John A. and Alice N. Fitch, 1325 East High Street, $450,000.


Robert J. Sack to Timothy A. and Twila D. Salthouse, 1320 Hilltop Road, $485,000.

Karen I. Sanders to Fluvanna Land and Development LLC, 410 Carlton Road, $185,000.

Fifth Street Development LLC to Ruth Ann Hill, 105 Oak Grove Cottages, 211 Fifth Street SW, $182,847.

Christopher A. and Eileen T. Beiter to Victorino Rosa and Rosalidia Noyoia-Casco, 629 Elizabeth Avenue, $194,900.


Fifth Street Development LLC to Laura J. Nordness, 106 Oak Grove Cottages, 211 Fifth Street SW, $175,900.


M. Ellen Anderson to Kristy J. Hall, 1640 Oxford Road, $363,500.

Patrick D. King to Mary G. Taylor King, Seventh and E. Jefferson Street NE, pursuant to property settlement agreement.

Anne M. Colony and Steven M. Neumeister to Anne M. Colony, 1219 Augusta Street, pursuant to divorce decree.

Jonathan W. and James F. Wells Jr. to Katherine G. Chapman, 225 Rivanwood Drive, $57,500.

Albert R. and Anne H. Booth to Mary A. and John K. Wilson Jr., 1101 Cherry Avenue, $150,000.

Shon Dee Sheirbon and Helen J. Sheirbon to Brian R. and Christine O. Wamhoff, 1223 River Vista Avenue, $199,000.

Ignatios and Sevasti Lambrinos to West Main Street LLC, 1397 West Main Street at 14th Street, $571,000.


Catherine C. Hanshaw to Ellen Anderson and Robert Tobey, 1617 Oxford Road, $514,000.

Julian R. Graves to Edward W. and Jamie E. Hayslett, 311 Carlton Road, $115,000.

Greta E. VonKirchmann to Andrea Castillo deThen, 413 Riverside Avenue, $135,000.

Sally Trudgeon to Theresa Lynch, 724 Stonehenge Avenue, $149,900.

Deborah A. and Rufus L. Rush Jr. to Jessica, Charles, and Marsha Summers, 982 Rockcreek Road, $115,000.

Joseph Mallory to Lisa Murphy, 310 Seventh Street SW, $95,000.

Marie Elizabeth Blakley-Dyer to Kimberly L. Grover, 808 Gillespie Avenue, $140,000.


Richard C. and Sheila M. McCarty to Margaret A. Sanders, 101 Melissa Place, $325,000.

John G. and Anna Maria P. Alton to Stacey E. and Linda E. Mills, 135 Stribling Avenue, $187,900.

Nancy M. Cameron to Larry K. Martindale, 120 Brandywine Court, $248,000.

Williams Construction Company Inc. to Scott F. Payne and Leslie F. Yowell, 102 Barbour Drive, $65,000.

Southern Property to A. Meaghan Anderson, 156 Burnet Street, Burnet Commons, $236,400.

Central Virginia Capital LLC to John I. Woodriff II and Molly K. Cliborne, 711 Rockland Avenue, $145,000.

Fred W. Powell Jr. and Kristin A. and Peter H. Wray to Brian H. and Cathy J. Roy, 123 A&B North Baker Street, $190,666.


Pangean Properties LLC to Peter G. and Elizabeth C.M. Slade, 914 Henry Avenue, $143,500.

Rodney M. and Shirley B. Shifflette to Darin Martin Jr., 613 Rives Street, $155,000.

Myrtle C. Hamlet, Trustee, to Robert A. O. Calvert, 512 North First Street, $750,000.

Belmont Loft Company to Paul K. Dougherty and Kurtis Keesecker, .174 acres on Spruce Street, $45,000.

Ward S. and Linda J. Miller to William V. Krebs Jr. and Charles and Christopher Kabbash, three lots at 405 Valley Road Extended, $484,000.

Richard C. and Maureen P. Schrum to University of Virginia Foundation, parcel on Montebello Circle, gift.

University of Virginia Foundation to Church Hill Development LLC, parcel on Montebello Circle, $225,000.

Fifth Street Development LLC to John D. Gaare and Jean M. Joyce, Oak Grove Cottage, Fifth Street, $207,536.

Struthers H. and Frederick E. Gignoux III and to Donald E. and Constance M. Brown, 1.31 acres at 1500 Rugby Road, $800,000.

Daniel P. Raymond to Johanna P. Woodchild, 416 Moseley Drive, $211,500.

Gregory L. and Barbara S. Wells to Michael Kruse and Susan N. Curry, 1420 Early Street, $143,000.

Belmont Loft Company to Patricia C. Millen, unit in Belmont Loft condominiums, $259,400.

Weitzner Properties LLC to Veliky LC, 27 University Circle and 108-109 Clarke Street, $2,500,000.

Anne E. Albright to Wendy H. Bearns, unit in McGuffey Hill condominiums, 301 Second Street, $410,000.

Michael J. and Tara Y. Harrison to Colleen B. Marshall, 108 North Baker Street, $122,500.

Jane Shippen to Ashley P. Thorndike, 1340 Chesapeake Street, $163,000.

Richard Spurzem to Elements LLC, 602 Blenheim Avenue, $180,000.



Weitzner Properties LLC to Veliky LC, 27 University Circle and 108-109 Clarke Street, $2,500,000.