Janet K. and David M. Via Jr. to Jeffrey F. and Corinne S. Buckalew, 12.510 acres in White Hall district, $180,000.

Glenmore Associates Ltd. to R. D. Wade Builder Inc., three lots in Glenmore, $285,000.

Glenmore Associates Ltd. to R. D. Wade Builder Inc., lot in Glenmore, $410,000.

Property Maintenance Services Inc. to Paul A. and Kathy S. Fontenot, 0.5 acres on Jarman's Gap Road, Crozet, $245,000.

Evermore LC to Ralph C. and Eileen J. Tobias, 281 Pine Road, Stony Point, Scottsville, $140,000.

Beverly S. and William R. DelPrete Jr., to Donald L. Dotson, 2.5641 acres at 1127 Woodlands Road, $370,000.

Tae Chong and Kimberly Perry to Michael J. Seiler, 2074 Loring Place, Rivercreek of Dunlora, $415,000.

Otelia G. Brackett to Paul A. Wilkes, 6.890 acres at 6925 Porters Road, Esmont, $106,500.

Roger L. and Patricia A. Henry to Stephen McHugh, 2.139 acres at 1713 Stoney Creek Drive, Mill Creek, $259,900.


Jennie C. and Richard G. Carter Jr. to Robert and Sarah Trundle, 3062 Beaumont Farm Road, $625,000.

Jeremy P. Thomas to Lynne D. Conboy, 38.38 acres at 1115 Inglecress Drive, $570,000.

Kevin J. and Kristi S. Ross to T. Michael and Cheryl B. Frederick, 1724 Verona Drive, Fontana, $331,000.

David L. and Susan A. Purcell to Gary and Sarah Bardwell Evans, 280 Audubon Drive, Arbor Park, Earlysville, $376,000.

Paul and Nga N. Katz to Robert and Patricia Macionis, 800 King William Drive, Dunlora, $420,000.

Dawn A. Lewis, Trustee, to Dexter S. Lewis, 2320 Sheffield Road, West Leigh, gift.

Roberto and Ilona Castro to Catherine E. Knight, unit in Solomon Court condominiums, 2517 Hydraulic Road, $78,000.

Mary McCarroll Jordan Carey, Trustee, to Alexander G. and John A. Edeleanu, Trustees, unit in University Village condominiums, $306,000.

Redfields Dvelopment Corp. to Craig Enterprises Inc., two lots in Redfields, $123,007.

Church Hill Development Co. to TSRM Group LLC, lot in Foxchase, $181,500.


High Harbor Inc. to Benjamin A. and Erin C. Rothman, 433 Cranberry Lane, Parkside Village, Crozet, $389,900.

W. Scott and Patricia C. Chapman to Patricia S. Chapman, 4.717 acres on State Route 777, 3762 Vineyard Road, gift.

Glenmore Associates Ltd. to George A. and Suzanne B. Hall, 1.640 acre parcel in Glenmore, $350,000.

Stephen D. Lenett to Richard and Julie K. Nelson, unit in Solomon Court condominiums, 2627 Hydraulic Road, $78,500.

Hobe Sound Management II LLC to Carolyn N. Beverly, 113.630 acres at 5313 Stony Point Road, Barboursville, $1,500,000.

Michael S. Stevens and Blair K. Williamson to Blair K. Williamson, 107 Falcon Drive, Colthurst Farm, $369,100.

Jeffrey T. Corwin to Carl Schnaitman, 278 Grey Dove Lane, Peacock Hill, $485,000.

Kostich Construction Inc. to Angelina Korsun, 365 Bayberry Way, Deerwood, $295,900.

Northpoint LLC to Ivan Lee and Betty Rowe, 2432 Pendower Lane, Glenmore, $615,000.

Robert Hauser Homes Inc. to Keun Pyo Kim, 1072 Bristlecone Lane, Forest Lakes, $204,950.


Jose L. Trasancos to Robert Hauser Homes Inc., lot in Glenmore, $440,000.

Lisa H. Simonds to Farrar L. Woltz, 4289 Free Union Road, $116,500.

Craig Enterprises Inc. to Paul E. and Sandra E. Howard, 424 Grayrock Drive, Grayrock Orchard, $319,711.

John L. Handloser to Alison E. Felling, 284 Autumn Grove Court, Mill Creek, $204,900.

Jonathan T. Wren, Special Commissioner, to Brigitte E. Reyer, 11 acres off State Route 726, Scottsville, $50,000.

Craig Enterprises Inc. to Gregory C. and M. Elizabeth Brown, parcel in Grayrock, Crozet, $294,264.

Isa M. Hussaini to Douglas E. Vess Jr., 4620 Briarwood Drive, Briarwood, $165,000.

Thomas C. Williams to James M. Fisher, 5.0 acres at 381 Patterson Mill Lane, Crozet, $39,000.


Journeys End LLC to Nan Richardson Bryan, 260.2 acres on State Route 641, $2,750,000.

Calvin R. Bradshaw Sr. to Jesse M. and Svetlana V. McDaniel, 6218 Cling Lane, Orchard Acres, $105,000.

Pedro A. DeAlarcon to Primacy Closing Corp., parcel in Peacock Hill, $378,000.

Charles L. and Patricia B. Jones to Isa M. and Caroline D. Hussaini, 2545 Kendalwood Lane, Forest Lakes South, $402,500.

Michelin North America Inc. (Uniroyal Goodrich Tire Company) to Hyosung America Inc., 61.08 acres at 800 Bird Street, Scottsville, $3,253,100.

Ross B. Cottrill to Barry Meade Homes LLC, 4.338 acres, $375,000.

Teena K. Mangano to John H. Walker, 59.6 acres at 2706 Secretary's Road, $150,000.

Contracting Services Inc. to David E. and Christine S. Traul, 1627 Stoney Creek Drive, Mill Creek, $282,500.

Denise L. Bickley to Katha Bollfrass, 1212 Chatham Ridge, $155,000.

Robert and Julia Nalle to Young Hwan Kim, 2000 Ashmere Drive, Ashmere, $218,147.43.

Loretta J. Harris to Brent S. Baer, 2.798 acres at 9001 Rockfish Gap Turnpike, $83,000.


Charlotte E. Birckhead to Theodore F. and Jacqueline M. Guild, 3.0 acres at 3817 Pritchett Lane, $250,000.

Haley Chisholm & Morris Inc. to Mark and Courtney Roberts, lot in Indian Springs subdivision, $195,000.

Brian B. and Jennifer M. Gillispie to William John Manning, 0.94 acres at 989 Buck Mountain Ford Lane, Earlysville, $168,000.

Rocks LLC to K. Wayne Malbon and Lee K. Ryder, lot in The Rocks, $260,000.

Lucy F. Owens, Trustee, to FTMK LLC, 257 Lakeview Drive, Four Seasons, $186,000.

Jean M. and Thomas J. Hamilton II to Francisco A. and Tanya P. Vila, 2190 Timber Meadows, Forest Lakes, $252,000.

Alan R. and Carol A. Napier to Karen J. Kealey, 1655 Redwing Lane, Hollymead, $188,500.


Kevin and Dawn M. Kusy to Alan R. Napier, 4734 Amber Ridge Court, Highlands at Mechum's River, $165,000.

Colette E. Blount to Kelly S. Vincel, 144 West Park Drive, Knollwood, $165,000.

Wayne L. and Frances T. Peyton to Teresa VandeCastle, 0.64 acres at 1255 Sunset Avenue Ext., $112,000.

Margaret L. Oakes to Church Hill Development LLC, lot in Cascades, $70,000.

Steven L. Gonias to Barbara V. Bozsik, 5.06 acres at 1205 Lafayette Lane, $325,000.

Shirley W. and Gordon W. Rutland Jr. to Brian P. and Keri L. Richardson, 2970 White Oak Lane, Hollymead, $222,000.

M. Alexia Williams to Richard V. and Margaret B. Hantzmon, unit in University Village condominiums, $255,000.

Parris G. and Paul B. Willis II to Richard A. Patricia F. Diehm, 3.041 acres at 5785 Fieldcrest Drive, Totier Hills, Scottsville, $210,000.


Skyline Builders to Ira J. Robinson, 8575 Signal Hill, Afton, $256,000.

Craig Enterprises Inc. to Beverly S. DelPrete, 477 Heritage Court, Redfields, $243,652.

Debra E. Hinton to Wilsie M. Hartman, 36 Georgetown Green, $194,000.


Craig Enterprises Inc. to Gloria G. D'Alessandro, Trustee, parcel in Redfields, $356,487.

Starfield Holding LLC to Susan K. Cuppett, 1236 Chatham Ridge, $137,000.

Thomas T. and Elizabeth A. Allan to Javier and Carmen Becerra, 3250 Barracks Road, gift.

Elias Nyberg to Charles D. and Donna Meyer, 3.860 acres on State Route 250, $85,000.

JaZan LLC to Thomas L. Brumfield Jr., 1610 Quail Run, $1,005,000.

Barbara M. Brodie, Trustee, to McFarland Group Inc., lot in Bentivar, $141,00.

Henry A. and Patricia A. Roupe to Charles M. and Mary T. Frechette, 2717 Huntington Road, Northfields, $321,000.

Andrew Dudley to Howard K. Dudley and Barbara Indiana Curnish-Dudley, 3.0 acres, $10,500.

Marc C. , Ann C. and Roger L. Adams to Gordon Guiliano, 1125 Bishop Lane, Bishop Hill subdivision, $159,000.

Spain Enterprises LLC to George L. and Deborah A. Sellers, 4229 Blenheim Road, $139,900.

Kevin Schachter to Jeffrey L. Cheers, Timothy P. Carson, and Mark Ragland, 209 Barnsdale Road, Camelot, $134,000.

Robert Hauser Homes Inc. to Caroline Seavey, 1133 Rustic Willow Lane, Forest Lakes South, $196,950.

Southland Home sInc. To Christopher T. Cocke, 1340 Stoney Ridge Road, Mill Creek, $187,450.

Shawn C. and Sheryl B. Feggans to Victoria P. Humphries, 1655 Cool Spring Road, Townwood, $168,500.

Happy Valley LLC to Robert Hauser Homes Inc., lot in Walnut Hills, $141,750.

Homer M. Morris to Thomas A. and Nancy G. Tuttle, 4482 Plank Road, North Garden, $80,000.


Hermano P. Freitas to Kelly J. Murphy 1044 Hayrake Lane, Redfields, $206,400.

Charles J. Chung to Lee M. Ritterband, 1186 Foxchase Ridge, Foxcroft, $304,500.

William G. Klimmek to Jack E. King Jr., 9.12 acres, $74,800.

Ella K. and D. W. Sandridge Jr. to Dana Sue and H. Ronald Kline Jr., 0.357 acres at 1092 High Street, Crozet, $229,000.

Kathleen P. Morris to Brant E. Isakson, 1540 Stoney Creek Drive, Mill Creek, $185,000.

Lee M. Ritterband to Michael J. Goddard, 339 Leaping Fox Lane, Foxcroft, $254,900.

Priscilla Lory Kulp to Eliza L. Buck, 9.15 acres on Route 766, White Hall District, $76,000.

James W. Newman Jr., Trustee, to Doris B. Haire, Trustee, unit in University Village condominiums, 500 Crestwood Drive, $375,000.

Gregory H. and Tracey T. Harvey to Sally Trude, 5.0 acres on State Route 6, 4078 Slam Gate Road, Crozet, $278,000.

Benjamin M. McCauley Jr. to David E. Reed, 1745 Verona Drive, Fontana, $455,000.

William D. Tucker III to Roger L. Anderson and Deanna Beverly, 7154 Johnston Lane, Gordonsville, $115,750.

Joseph W. Richmond Jr., Trustee, to R. Madison Spencer Jr., 685 Ivy Lane, Farmington, $1,325,000.

Raymond L. Bronson to Leigh A. Carrasquillo, 1185 Hunter's Ridge Road, Earlysville Forest, $185,000.

Thomas R. Oster to Kathleen P. Morris, 1532 Stoney Creek Drive, Mill Creek, $272,500.


Jean Pierre Robin to Clark R. Tracy, 2110 Brownstone Lane, Still Meadow, $480,000.

Charles M. Anson Jr., Trustee, to Debra E. Hinton, 1165 Courtyard Drive, $262,900.

R. D. Wade Builder Inc. to Trevor H. Joscelyne, 3422 Darby Road, Glenmore, $544,000.

Rocks LLC to David C. Abdullah, 106.259 acres at 430 Rocks Farm Drive, the Rocks, $1,500,000.

Earl H. Burton, Trustee, to Barry Meade Homes LLC, lots, $455,000.

Kinsie Group LLC to James B. and Gloria M. Quarles, 2415 Cascades Drive, the Cascades, $230,000.

Michael E. Heisley to Stefan D. Bechtel, 7.981 acres at 2670 Free Union Road, $1,400,000.

Sonia K. Grewal to Jason L. Whitaker, 5400 Cory Court, Cory Farm, $368,500.

William Ramos to Nancy H. Parsons, 3974 Louisa Road, Keswick Farm, $385,500.

Lynda D. Mills to Christopher R. McKenna, 4280 Pine Grove, Earlysville Forest, $195,000.

Dwayne A. Pritchett to Hermano P. Freitas, 2488 Laurel Road, $287,000.

Village Square LC to Douglas J. Cannato, 956 Towne Lane, Village Square, $158,000.


Kevin G. Bargo to Willard A. Searcy, 3908 Bungletown Road, Green Mountain subdivision, Schuyler, $120,000.

Earl H. Burton, Trustee, to Kostich Construction Inc., two lots in Deerwood Village, $130,000.

Ta Fang Fang to Michael J. Wertheim, 255 Albert Court, Camellia Gardens, $143,400.

Nellie S. Davis to Jerry W. Defibaugh Sr., 3358 Ballards Mill road, Free Union, gift.

James A. Norton to Beatrice N. Brenner, Trustee, unit in University Village condominiums, 500 Crestwood Drive, $320,000.

Glenmore Associates Ltd. to Susan H. Johnson, Trustee, lot in Glenmore, $260,000.

Redfields Development Corp. to R. D. Wade Builder Inc., lot in Redfields, $63,600.

Glenmore Associates Ltd. to R. D. Wade Builder Inc., four lots in Glenmore, $535,000.

Kathryn R. Hobbs to John P. Solomond, Trustee, lot in Westmoreland, $242,500.

Crescent Development Group LLC to Barry Meade Homes LLC, lot in Still Meadow, $85,000.

Charles W. Green to Stephen T. Gaines, 1736 Jumpers Run, $251,800.

Hunter Schwartz to Ryan P. Bobko, 91 Georgetown Green, $190,900.

Alta A. Hallock to EJM Garden LLC, 1.011 acres at 2538 Scottsville Road, $435,000.

Walter B. Riggins to Amber M. Meirisch, 2985 White Oak Lane, Hollymead, $220,000.

Grayrock LLC to R. D. Wade Builder Inc., lot in Grayrock, $73,500.

Grayrock LLC to Craig Enterprises Inc., four lots in Grayrock, $302,000.

Barry Meade Homes LLC to W. Joseph Dryer, 2051 Brownstone Lane, Still Meadow, $444,950.

Sophie J. Williams to Jackie Syrkes, 2308 Finch Court, Briarwood, gift.


Joseph Viviano to Watts M. Schwab, lot in Redbud, $75,000.

Wendell W. Gibson Inc. to Curtis K. Argo, 1211 Redfields Road, Redfields, $339,900.

Clifford V. Bishop to Charles W. Green, 840 Windrift Drive, Earlysville, $299,500.

S. Bruce Copeland to Elisabeth C. Montgomery Revocable Trust, lot in Stonehenge, $138,000.

Lee J. King to Charles E. Payne, 444 Woodlands Road, $363,000.

Mary Ann Barnes to Joan E. Andre,3976 Omega Court, Barboursville, $304,000.

John G. Cubero to Milby Construction and Development Co., parcel, $285,000.

Allen D. Everett to David D. and Rebecca S. Swett, 37 Canterbury Road, Bellair, $533,500.

Paul O. Rosner to Chris B. Tarrance, 1157 Woodlands Road, $170,000.

Cheryl L. Edwards to Ruth C. James, 1511 Lake Forest Drive, $192,400.

Kenneth L. Bratton to Daniel Bieker, 4174 Laird Lane, North Garden, $200,000.

Weather Hill Homes Ltd. to Robert Hauser Homes Inc., lot in Parkside Village, $154,500.

Northpoint LLC to Brian A. Babin, 2355 Ferndown Lane, Glenmore, $636,950.,

R. D. Wade Builder Inc. to Gerald G. Hamilton, 3548 Glasgow Lane, Glenmore, Keswick, $665,502.

Bradley M. Derrick to Ian M. Rogol, 603 Nettle Court, Redfields, $289,000.

Adam Rennhoff to Frank J. Squillace, Trustee, 1348 Wimbledon Way, Riverrun, $189,000.

Big Deal


Journeys End LLC to Nan Richardson Bryan, 260.2 acres on State Route 641, $2,750,000.