Trail is better now

Reading about some of my Woolen Mills neighbors' hostility to the paving of the Greenbelt Trail was just plain depressing. [April 15: Pave paradise? Greenbelt trail asphalted"]

Paving the Greenbelt trail is a great improvement. Now, more people than ever can share nature's beauty along the banks of the Rivanna River. Before, the gravel surface made the trail very difficult for people who don't see very well or those who use a wheelchair.

The coarse, uneven path was difficult to walk on, and there were large rocks sticking out of the trail and blocking the path. Those obstructions are now gone, but the beauty of the area has not been affected. Other than smoothing out the surface and removing obstructions, the trail is unchanged.

Though some neighbors of the park may be unhappy about the asphalt, I think Pat Plocek and other city staffers have done a great job making the trail more accessible while preserving its charm.

Kevin Cox