Searls: I got along

I read "Post-election: Morning-after quarterbacking," (News, May 13, 2004) by Lisa Provence with interest and some concern.

When Lloyd Snook says that Blake and I disliked each other, he is not accurately portraying my side of the partnership. My views of our team were mixed, and I have a fondness for all the candidates who ran in that election. I continue to speak with all of them. We braved the same pressure-cooker.

Two years have passed since I ran for council. In the article, party leadership is still speaking for me. Blake still has room to speak for himself, but my true opinion is missing. Is this how you become a Democrat for Change?

I also want to clarify the article's comments about the kind of campaign I wished I had run. I wish I had led not an Independent campaign, but a Democratic campaign run more independently. I am still an active member of the Democratic party.

During this election, I was stopped at a red light by City Hall when Ann Reinicke pulled up next to me. I had the presentiment then that she would lose. However, the thing about lights is that they eventually turn green– and then you're free again to set your course.

Alexandria Searls