Splashdance! Flamingos do more than wade in

There's a small treasure hidden at Crow Pool behind Walker Upper Elementary School– a cherished event that happens only once a year. On May 8 and 9, Charlottesville's Synchronized Swimming Club (a.k.a. the Flamingos) held its annual performance in the balmy public pool.

The Flamingos practice once or twice a week, year round, just for this performance. It shows.

From beginners to advanced performers all the swimmers executed the 11 choreographed numbers gracefully under pool floodlights and stage spotlights. Synchronized swimming is notoriously difficult, and the skills the young girls demonstrated were greeted by roaring applause from friends and families.

There's great camaraderie among the swimmers. The support each other well with encouragement and cheers of their own.

The mothers in the audience had an extra proud reason to celebrate Mother's Day.

Friends and families take their seats. The Black Knight approves.

A young Flamingo catches up on her reading.

Kicking high in the pool

Taking the plunge

Flamingos on deck

Flamingos Kitty Buchanan, Rubina Catalano, Suzzane Galbraith, and Emily Pribus