Fade to black: So goodbye yellow bike racks

The yellow bike program is officially dead, so it's perhaps appropriate that on Friday, May 7, city workers painted the yellow bike rack by City Hall black. But it's not a symbol of mourning, says parks and grounds director Pat Plocek.

"It's just part of the general maintenance of the Mall," he explains.

Alexis Zieglar, new head of the Community Yellow Bikes of the Piedmont, says the disappearance of the yellow bikes– and now their matching racks– is no reason for despair. In fact, he says, there are hundreds of donated bikes awaiting good homes in the former yellow bike shop behind the Hampton Inn on West Main St. Now referred to as "community bikes," the two wheelers are free to anyone who volunteers for a minimum of an hour.

And that freshly painted rack will provide a stylish resting spot for bikes of all types. After all, you can't go wrong with basic black... unless you overestimate its slimming power!

Carol Bright and Leon Smith give the yellow bike rack by City Hall on Seventh Street a chic makeover.