R.D. Wade Builder Inc. to Elmer H. Earnhardt and Christine U. Miller, 1228 Redfields Road, Redfields, $287,800.

Frederick J. and Shelia R. Watkinson to Calvin R. and Elizabeth K. Fitzgerald, 535 Willwood Drive, Fairgrove, Earlysville, $265,000.

Mildred W. Robinson to Herbert Hanft, 111 Georgetown Green, $180,000.

Tonya and Tennille M. Jones to Blenheim Ridge LLC, 13.56 acres in Scottsville Magisterial District, $70,000.

Haden Construction Corp. to Michael C. and Linda L. Lemieux, 179 Deerwood Drive, Deerwood, $260,400.

Quarries LLC to William L. Whitehurst, 21.557 acres, $60,000.

Quarries LLC to Synnove Abrahamsen, 21.856 acres, $60,000.

Rocks LLC to MacMillan Pace LLC, lot in the Rocks, $245,000.

Alice S. Batten to Keith D. and Kenna O. Roots, 110 Indian Springs Road, $469,000.

Liberty Land Ltd. to Charles J. and Caroline R. M. Chung, 1813 Locust Shade Court, Ashcroft, $712,130.

Shari S. and Daniel J. Fowley III to Jerald E. Pinto, 1115 Snowden Drive, Raintree, $279,900.

Craig Enterprises Inc. to Charles D. and Jean S. Drew, lot in Redfields, $247,737.

John L. Gibson Jr. to Geraldine B. Grooms, unit in Turtle Creek condominiums, $94,000.

Sarah V. and Robert I. Buchanan, Trustees, to Giao Xie and Fang Xu, 203 Westminster Road, $315,000.

Laurie J. and Steven R. Miller to George N. and Patsy R. Rogers, 1051 Bristlecone Lane, Forest Lakes, $207,000.


Persephone Canonne to Elizabeth M. and Edward H. Bain Jr., 215 Azalea Drive, $169,000.

Hunter B. Shriner to GMAC Relocation Service, 813 Altavista Avenue, $159,900.

Watson C. and Mary L. Morris to James C. and Catherine E. Scales, 605 Hinton Avenue, $130,000.

Katherine F. Gerdt to Andrew M. and Lydia D. Rodin, 1033 Locust Avenue, $605,000.

Central Virginia Capital LLC to Michael D. Lugar and Richard A. Black, three lots at 802 Nassau Street, $78,000.

Jane W. Rotch to M. Brian and Jennifer C. Slaughter, 808 Fendall Terrace, $450,000.

Lydia B. Peck, Rebecca Butler, and Tammie B. Broaddus to James A. Crawford Sr. and James A. Crawford Jr., 728 Shamrock Road, $194,000.

Church Hill Development Co. LLC to William T. and Katherine J. and William T. Strickland Jr., 709 Avon Street, $185,000.

Southern Properties LLC to Rosemary B. Field and Diane Kiuhara, 158 Burnet Street, Burnet Commons, $249,000.

Watson Morris to Gregory S. Jackson, 606 Hinton Avenue, $115,000.

Watson C. Morris and Mary L. Morris to Gregory S. Jackson, 626 Hinton Avenue, $115,000.

Joe H. Gieck, Trustee, to Robert L. Stokes, 2306 Banbury Street, Greenbrier, $152,000.

John Morrison to Ann Lewis and J. Kempton Shields II, Trustees, 250 Shamrock Road, $159,900.

Elizabeth Boyce Fortune to Bruce Gurley, 1315 Kenwood Lane, $215,500.

Henry J. and Mildred K. Abraham to Michael O. and Prudence M. Thomas, 906 Fendall Terrace, $530,000.

C. Randolph Thunfors to Thomas J. and Joanne F. Miller, unit in Wertland condominiums, $110,000.

Melanie Jane West and Virginia Diane Garrett to Edward A. and Eric T. Andersen, 2515 Plateau Road, $199,999.

Shale Benevolent Land Trust to Ezekiel K. and Mildred M. Best, 100 Shale Place, gift.

Harris S. Sibunruang to Hallie E. Smith, 1618 Hardwood Avenue, pursuant to decree of divorce.

Development Management Too LLC to Lane L. Bonner III, 337 15th Street NW and 341 15th Street NW, no price given.

Stephen P. Janoschka to David J. Toscano and Nancy A. Tramontin, condominium unit at 602 Cabell Avenue, $127,500.

Scott A. Silet and Kristi Severance to Scott A. Silet, 311 Shamrock Road, pursuant to divorce decree.

Scott A. Silet to Russell C. Bailey, 311 Shamrock Road, $157,500.

Mildred L. Brown to Joan P. and Toby L. Goode, 23.83 square feet at 860 St. Charles Avenue, $1,000.

Toby L. and Joan Goode to Johannes C. and Jaclyn C. VanWingerden, 860 St. Charles Avenue, $345,000.

Charles B. and Robert S. Hughes to Barbara Anne Stout, 606 McIntire Road, $170,000.

Benjamin T. Thacker and Susan Thacker-Gwaltney to Mary Y., Matthew B., and W. Shirreff Murray, 308 Monte Vista Avenue, $190,000.

Patricia C. Millen to W. Scott and Tarpley V. Gillespie, 508 Park Plaza, $385,000.

Church Hill Development Co. LLC to Meghan A. Butasek, 1006 Sheridan Avenue, $152,900.

Nancy A. Smith to M. Elizabeth Dickenson, 701 Lexington Avenue, $209,500.

Timothy and Deborah MacDonald to Kenneth A. Sneathern and Larissa C. Paule-Carres, 2625 Jefferson Park Circle, $493,500.

Glen E. and Victoria C. Branham to Dale Ludwig, lot at Midland Street and Randolph Avenue, $29,500.

Page Street LLC to Ronica L. and Jesse J. Turner III, 912 Anderson Street, $185,275.

South Street Properties LLC to Hunt Country Properties LLC, 106 South Street, gift.

Hunt Country Properties LLC to Porterhouse Properties LLC, 106 South Street, $1,250,000.

University of Virginia Community Credit Union to 820 LLC, 822 and 908 East High Street, $540,000.

Brenda L. Howell et al. to Gary M. and Lori W. Fitzgerald, 1540 Avon Street Ext. $270,000.

Ellison B. and Mary E. Jackson to David A. and Charis L. Franz, 224 Fifth Street SW, $185,000.

Peter G. DuBois to Megan M. Raspa, 1625 Mulberry Avenue, $162,000.

Christopher L. Stearns to Maurice E. and Joyce M. Flynn, 107 David Terrace, $157,900.

Rodrigo A. and Melissa C. Montanez to Scott D. Ramm, Julio F. Cordero, and Valeria Vasquez, 103 Lodge Creek Circle, $160,000.

Wendy W. and Howard T. Harvey Jr. to Timothy A. and Deanna C. Gould, 1820 Edgewood Lane, $742,500.

Yonis Argueta and Erika R. Henriquez to Thomas C. and Melanie F. Rhodes, 1600 Rickey Road, $150,000.

Frances M. Goff to Charles S. and Frances P. Gardner, 326 Camellia Drive, Azalea Gardens, $189,900.

Mary P. Newton to Peggy L. Glick, 1421 Early Street, $135,000.

Annie H. Massie to Robert B. and Terri J. Zweig, 1.232 acres at 705 Park Street, $1,000,000.

Christopher A. and Amy B. Jones to Susan B. Jurey, 128 Azalea Drive, $199,500.

John N. LeMasurier to Kevin J. and Alison M. Hessberg, 1122 East Jefferson Street, $200,000.

Judith L. McLeod to Harold K. Herz and Charles Germscheid, 105 Park Lane West, $309,000.

James A. Winkey and Nora M. Kennon to Gregory Vogler, 1507 Chesapeake Street, $124,700.

Norma S. Brandenburg to Fernando E. Garay, unit in Jefferson Park condominiums, $113,000.

Prentice T. and Nancy M. Ragland to William R. and Robbie Burruss, 619 Altavista Avenue, $138,000.

Belmont Loft Company LLC to Margaret B. Haupt, condominium unit #20, $384,000.

John C. and Holland M. Mason to John H. and Laura W. Carrington, 1868 Edgewood Lane, $625,000.

Jeffrey W. and Heidi Lee Thomas to Thomas and Thomas LLC, 1314 Carlton Avenue, no price given.

Thomas L. Belt, Ann B. Seawell and Beverley B. McCauley to Roger D. and Linda C. Neal, 2203 Stadium Road, $500,000.

Todd M. and Liane M. Murphy to Robert R. Matheson, 626 Preston Place, $375,000.

William R. and Johannah L. Castleman to Edward C. Fowler and Wendy L. Carlton, 1880 Westview Road, $525,000.

Thomas A. Kovacs and Erin C. Ellis to Frances H. and Ann McCall, 2214 Banbury Street, $179,500.

Lisa D. Sanchez to Charles Casavant, unit in Charlottesville Towers Condominium, 511 North First Street, $190,000.

Big Deal

Hunt Country Properties LLC to Porterhouse Properties LLC, 106 South Street, $1,250,000.