FUMA spanker: Indicted but not extradited

Fugitive Fork Union Military Academy child abuser Gregory A. Moyer, who was arrested in Mexico April 16 and returned to the United States, refused to waive extradition in Houston April 21.

In the next step to getting Moyer back to Virginia, the Secretary of the Commonwealth will formally request Moyer's return from Texas on behalf of Governor Mark Warner. Fluvanna County Commonwealth's Attorney Jeffrey Haislip says that paperwork is in the works.

In the meantime, a Fluvanna grand jury indicted Moyer April 26 for failure to appear in court May 10, 2001, a Class 6 felony that could add another one to five years to Moyer's jail time.

Moyer was convicted in 1997 on 14 counts of taking indecent liberties with minors at FUMA, where he was a well-respected teacher, but one with a passion for punishment.

With at least two cadets, he formed a secret society for activities such as paddling, running, and tree climbing– in the nude. Moyer spanked the nude youths and in turn was spanked by them. The photos and copious notes Moyer took on these extracurricular activities eventually led to the charges and his conviction.

All but three and a half years of his 28-year sentence were suspended, and days before he was to appear in court and begin serving the sentence in 2001, after years of appeals, he disappeared.

For almost three years, Moyer taught science at the prestigious Instituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey Campus in Aguascalientes, Mexico.

Again, he was well regarded by his students– until he suggested they do some Internet research on a book he'd written. When the students discovered articles from the Hook about their professor's lurid past, they contacted authorities.

Moyer is being held in the 1200 Baker Street Jail in Houston. Once the court there receives the governor's warrant, he can be returned to Virginia almost immediately, says Dana Fernandez in the Harris County clerk's office.

Once he returns, Fluvanna Commonwealth's Attorney Haislip will ask the judge to impose the suspended portion of Moyer's 28-year sentence.

After three years on the lam, Moyer gets a new mug shot.