Caterham facts

It was gratifying to see our friend Steve Taylor and his Caterham featured in Lincoln Ross Barbour's photo spread on the CDoc Kruz-In ["Hot wheels," Photophile, April 22].

As the Caterham dealer for this area, we would like to clear up a common misconception that he propagates in this article. The Caterham Seven is not simply a "Lotus-inspired kit car" as he describes it. It is, in fact, a continuation of the original Lotus Seven. Caterham was building the Seven Series Four for Lotus when Lotus decided to discontinue the Seven and concentrate their resources on the Lotus Esprit. Caterham bought the rights to continue making the Seven from Lotus at that time.

The same people at Arch Motors still make the chassis, and many of the same craftsmen who assembled Sevens while Caterham was the subcontractor for Lotus are still there building them today.

Furthermore, the Lotus Owner's Group recognizes the Caterham Seven as a true continuation of the Lotus Seven. If you would like more information on these amazing cars, please visit our website at

R. John Lye
Albemarle County