Charles W. Hurt and Shirley Fisher, Trustees, to Southern Property LLC, 20 lots in Burnet Commons, $918,000.

John and Margaret Unsworth to Zoltan P. and Margaret S. Lazar, 975 Locust Avenue, $525,000.

Fred W. Powell Jr. to Kristin A. and Peter H. Wray, 123 North Baker Street, $55,200.

Anne Marie Jackson, Jacqueline S. Granholm, Deborah Lee Jackson to River Road LLC, 20 lots in River Road Industrial Park, 1445-1447 River Road, $3,598,304.

Steven L. Klein and Sally A. Moody to Veliky LC, 540 Valley Road, $235,000.

FNRI LLC to Joseph F. Mallory, 405, 412, and 414 Dice Street, $180,000.

Elizabeth J. Hollen to Michael R. and Kathleen Kohn, 115 Birdwood Court, $163,000.

Charlie F. Kingrea to Central Virginia Capital LLC, 708 and 802 Nassau Street, $120,000.

Lester B. Perry to Stephanie Cornwell, parcel on Robertson Avenue, $172,000.

Nelson R. and Allison M. Morris to Stephen C. Braden, 921 Sixth Street SE, $170,000.

Mary F. Walker to Thomas C. Batchelor, 608 Brown Street, $80,200.

Theresa M. and Robert B. Bailey II to Greater Charlottesville Habitat for Humanity, parcel on Paton Street, $11,250.

L. Martin Neal to Margery A. and Henry W. Dawson Jr., 343 10-l/2 Street, $120,000.

Capstone Property LLC to Bruce Gurley, 936 Henry Avenue, $81,900.

Gloria W. Gilmer to Claude P. Thilbaut and Pamela Margaux, 1413 Dairy Road, $250,000.

Don E. Soechting and Julie M. Harlan to Innisfree Village Inc., 504 Park Hill, $374,000.

J. Lloyd Snook, Trustee, to Alan R. and Donna L. Swanson, 1823 Edgewood Lane, $534,000.

Phillip R. Pugh to Michael Burkhoff, 1400 River road, $225,000.

Jennifer E. O'Flaherty and Elizabeth J. Ryan to Virgnia A. K. Moran, 2522 Jefferson Park Avenue, $265,000.

Khoi T. Ha to Alan T. and Carol B. Gravitt, unit in Wertland Condominiums, $105,000.

Ellison B. and Mary E. Jackson to Jefferson Area Builders Inc., 409 Ridge Street, $85,000.

Ruth P. eisenberg to Robert T. Wolman, 2006 Greenbrier Drive, $243,100.

Vernelia P. Marshall, Trustee, to Michele delGallo, 1535 Oxford Road, $226,700.

Matthew J. and Kimberly H. Combs to Gita Karimianpour, 113 Observatory Avenue, $149,000.

TDC LLC to Teresa D. Caddell, 1111 Cherry Avenue, $122,400.

Roger W. and Deborah J. Collyer and John F. and Paul Hollenbach to Plainfields LLC, 1218 East Market Street, $490,000.

Church Hill Development Co. LLC to TDC LLC, 1712 East Market Street, $85,000.

Daniel E. Comarovschi and Margery Wolf to William G. Varney, 300 Monte Vista Avenue, $169,900.

Alyce F. Hawley to Watson C. and Mary L. Morris, 1304 Lester Drive, $232,500.

Ronnie E. and Janet K. Parham to Alderman LLC, 316 Alderman Road, $367,000.

Southern Property LLC to Steven A. McElfresh, lot in Burnet Commons, $243,000.

Michael E. Santulli and Judith L. Robertson to Michael E. Santulli, 1828 Winston Road, no price given.

Todd Unger and Celia V. Harquail to Alan K. an dLlezelle A. Dugger, 428 Second Street NE, $545,000.

Vera P. Timberlake to Sarah Terrell, 913 Ridge Street, $149,000.

John W. and Marilyn B. Pace to Quinton D. Harrell, 809 Prospect Avenue, Orangedale, $83,500.

Bank of America Trustee, to Waverly Place, LLC, 905 Tunlaw Place, $255,000.

Carl T. Hart to Marya Choby, 102 Greenwich Court, $137,333.

Patrice W. Armstrong to Jennifer M. McCall, 814 Alta Vista Avenue, $157,000.

Howard B. and Cora E. Horne to john H. and Cynthia E. Hinton, 515 Rockland Avenue, $112,590.

Joyce H. and Charles R. Hall Jr. to Janeth S., Gary P., Vicki, and Thomas M. Bibb Jr., 206 Harris Road, #127,000.

Roberto L. Guiberau and Ileana Rodriguez, Trustees, to T. Carey Goodman and Helen Benet-Goodman, 2208 Brandywine Avenue, $247,000.

Rashad A. and Dawn Lockley Brooks to Tchein B. Lawani and Ahoefa Abbevi, 127 Waterbury Court, $135,000.

William Scott Gillespie to Jennifer L. Givens, 401 Meade Avenue, $206,000.

Ralph C. Cason to Yvonne T. Griffin and Mary Ann Barnes, Trustees, parcel on Hill Street, $75,000.

Matthew C. and April M. Nissen to Full House Ventures LLC, 102 Hartford Court, $142,500.

Lynn E. Valentine to Irene Breneman, unit in Charlottesville Towers condominiums, $110,000.

HP Rental Properties LP to Timothy C. Nissen and Gabrielle R. Marzoni-Nissen, 1211 King Street, $179,000.

Richard T. Spurzem to 2514 Fontaine Ave. LLC, 2514 Fontaine Avenue, $212,036.

Richard T. Spurzem to 104 Westerly Avenue LLC, 104 Westerly Avenue, $188,891.

Venable LLC to Piedmont Housing Alliance, two lots at 407 12th Street SW, $87,000.

Phillip Flavin to Chad E. Thorne, 973 Rockcreek Road, Orangedale, $72,000.

Joseph Mallory to Joshua J. and Mary S. Yates, 302 Fifth Street, $193,000.

Rebecca Colaw to Francis A. and Mary G. Caruso, unit in Wertland condominiums, $105,000.

Sylvester B. and Rose L. Sylvester to Charles Hurt and Shirley Fisher, four lots on Fifth Street, Cleveland Heights, $130,000.

Lair D. Haugh Jr. to Jeffrey P. and Mary Jo Ohman, 836 Estes Street, $97,000.

Whitehall Investors LLC to Mary John Smith, 12 units in Venable condominiums, $775,000.

Southern Property LLC to Charles T. Armstrong, lot in Burnet Commons, $255,816.

Development Management Too LLC to Charles C. and Kerri S. Heilman, 312 13th Street NW, the Venable condominiums, $92,000.

Mark L. Usry and Ken Kuttler to Barbara Heyl and Marion Kanour, 109 Shale Place, Willoughby, $164,000.

Alexander Dotson and Debra Ann Hornberger to Hung Minh Dinh, 107 Waterbury Court, $140,500.

Robert L. and Veronica C. Briggs to Central Virginia Capital LLC, 1106 Blenheim Avenue, $110,000.

Gleason D. Toms Jr. and Susan T. Soliven to Lance A. and Denise L. Stewart, 422 13th Street NE, $179,500.

Walter and Content Mott-Sablinsky to Charles J. and Elisabeth S. Jordan, 120 Buckingham Road, $275,000.

Dale Ludwig to John D. Adamson, 1400 Rialto Street, $157,000.

Suzanne W. Shoaf to Herbert W. Shoaf, 1948 Lewis Mountain Road, $12,500.

Joyce M. and Charles E. hall Jr. to Fountainhead Holdings LLC, lot on Harris Road, $39,500.

Ronald Rash to Thomas A. Richman and Shanti C. Mitz, 817 Cabell Avenue, $232,000.

Donna Bingler to Harry N. Lewis and Ralph Main, condominium unit in the Maclin Building, $120,000.

Cyndra Flynn, Trustee, to CHS Land Trust and Jane Covington, Trustees, 505 Ridge Street, $140,000.

Whitegate Properties LLC to Robert and Grace Kionoski, 1875 Wayside Place, $551,500.

Whitehall Investors LLC to Mary P. Newton, two parcels on Early Street, $210,000.

James E. and Nancy V. Shipp to Central Virginia Capital LLC, 711 Rockland Avenue, $85,000.

Linda Ray and William E. Brown Jr. to William E. Brown Jr., 2746 McElroy Drive, no price given.

Rae Development Corp. to Dargan Coggeshall and Elizabeth Hollen, 107 Tripper Court, $324,000.

Eben E. Smith, Trustee, to Grove Street LLC, 506 Grove Street, $435,000.

Kevin P. Burns to Larry Kraiza, 701 West Street, $15,000.

Clement A. Herring Jr. to Taylor Y. Hong and C. Tucker Waldruff, 901 Montrose Avenue, $120,000.

Samuel F. White PC and Rozelia E. Henry to Katherine G. Chapman, parcel on 13th Street, $40,800.

Southern Property LLC to David, Ruth, and Michael J. Chamowitz, unit in Burnet Commons, $237,000.

Thomas M. and Paula D. Haughey to Emmet Street LLC, lot on Emmet Street, $665,000.

Mary Chinn to Kenneth G. and Melissa M. Warren, 1900 Brandywine Drive, $355,000.

Kenneth D. and Kenna O. Roots to Daniel Yang, 118 Alderman Road, $373,000.

R. D. Wade Builder Inc. to Barry R. Payne, 605 Prospect Avenue, Orangedale, $12,000.

Steven W. Whitford to Carol Burrage, 1102-B Locust Avenue, $132,000.

Gregory F. and Sheila T. Hayden to Sheila T. Hayden, 1827 Wayside Place, pursuant to separation agreement.

Molly D. Miracle and Ryan Shirkey to Sarah P. Wells, 120 Hartford Court, $140,500.

Alan k. and Llezelle A. Dugger to David E. and Jordan A.N. Phemister, 716 Monticello Avenue, $152,500.

Geraldine B. Grooms to Ken and Betty Jane Mori, 104 Monte Vista Avenue, $191,000.

Jennifer L. Montague to Sally B. Hatfield, 123 Lodge Creek Circle, $155,000.

Lois H. deBell to Evelyn F. Cheape, condominium unit at Charlottesville Towers, First Street, $159,000.

Musicians United to Serve the Youth of Charlottesville to Forest Street LLC, 1108 Forest Street, $402,000.


Diana Mead to David E. Wikoff Jr., lot on Route 20, $157,000.

Bernice Grohskopf, Trustee, to Linsie Adderley, unit in Turtle Creek condominiums, $130,000.

Peter Yun to Choong W. Yoo, 5598 Flintstone Drive, Lake Saponi, $310,000.

Robert Hauser Homes Inc. to Vincent M. Kiernan, 4425 Redwood Lane, Walnut Hills, Earlysville, $602,840.

Barbara J. Gilbert to Martin C. Amlinger, 145 Forestvue Drive, Blue Ridge Forest, Earlysville, $245,000.

William L. Whitehurst to Leslie Gregg, lot on State Route 717, 4710 Old Sand Road, Schuyler, $120,000.

Benjamin F. Shelton Jr., to Wallace C. Dowell, 2.0 acres on NE Side of Route 250, $72,000.

Oak Hill Development LLC to Christopher M. Bowen, lot in Wayland's Grant, gift.

Quarries LLC to Somboon Mouthapong, lot in the Quarries, $70,000.

Allen J. Friedman to Thomas P. O'Brien, 12.697 acres at 511 Bybee Road, Louisa, $125,000.

Redlands LLC to Joseph H. Kober, lot in Highlands at Mechum's River, $253,133.

Kimberly C. Powell to Murcielago LLC, 11.763 acres at State Routes 795 and 713, $225,000.

George T. Klop to Linda S. Cook, 122 Woodlake Drive, Four Seasons, $128,000.

James H. Wood to Deborah D. Gunn, 21 acres at 5400 Laurel Ridge Road, Ruckersville, $95,000.

Robert Hauser Homes Inc. to William R. Voigt Jr., 2212 Shepherds Ridge Road, Rivercrest at Dunlora, $337,950.

James B. Spence III, Trustee, to Church Hill Development Co., two lots in Western Ridge, $93,000.

John S. Striffler to Gregory R. Cayer, 293 Albert Court, Camellia Gardens, $133,000.

I&J Home Builders LLC to Rufus R. Gaines, 3.17 acres at 5501 Irish Road, $150,757.

Robert L. Bittner to Douglas K. Kirkland, 1473 Bremerton Lane, Bremerton Cottages, Glenmore, $338,000.

Thomas A. Hamby to James S. Currie, 105 Falcon Drive, Colthurst Farm, $515,000.

Barbara E. Shifflett to Gary M. Shifflett, 15.595 acres at 4073 Gilmers Mill Lane, Scottsville, $50,000.

Barry Meade Homes LLC to Scott Kinnan, 5326 Little Fox Lane, Cory Farm, $264,700.

James F. Miller to Stephan Fuchs, 1273 Maple View Drive, Willow Lake, $193,000.

Big Deal

Anne Marie Jackson, Jacqueline S. Granholm, Deborah Lee Jackson to River Road LLC, 20 lots in River Road Industrial Park, 1445-1447 River Road, $3,598,304.