LBJ helped earlier

Many thanks to the Hook and Lisa Provence for the terrific story on integration in Charlottesville ["On Brown's 50th," cover story, April 8]. Even for us who lived through it, there were many new details to learn from the interviews compiled here.

I want to make one minor correction about Lyndon Johnson's help with hiring black job applicants: It was in 1962, before he became president and signed the Civil Rights Act.

He was only Vice President at the time, in charge of equal employment, and we turned to him when we had no success after several years of trying. In only a few days, several large companies were able to find and hire the very same highly qualified applicants we had presented to them earlier with no success. The change of heart was due to their wanting to keep their Federal contracts. After that, local storekeepers began slowly to hire black applicants too.

Jane Foster