Hot wheels! Not just for kids anymore

Maybe it was the warm weather and the BBQ sandwiches. Maybe it was the friendly faces of CDOC and Vespa Charlottesville. Maybe a combination of all three. But something about Saturday, April 17, was absolutely fabulous.

The second annual CDOC Krz-In car show went off without a hitch at the Preston Avenue showroom. This time around, the show focused on imports. Many attendees brought their classic and modern Porches and BMWs. Also on hand were some American and Japanese cars, a Mercedes and Volkswagen or two, and even a Caterham, the rare Lotus-inspired kit car.

The event was well attended and relaxing in true Southern spring fashion. Car people love talking to other car people. They talk horsepower, weight distribution, and rim sizes.

While hanging out in a parking lot may sound boring for some, at this Kr

z-In, the camaraderie is infectious. The fun came from being around aficionados and perusing some fine automobiles.

Beautiful day. Beautiful cars. Beautiful people. Fabulous!

That's one hot Gia!

Skyline Awake's Brad Perry and Brendan Murphy kick it old school.

George & Micah Spry of Spry's BBQ & Co. know how to feed car lovers.

Steve Taylor and his favorite toy, the Caterham