Paranormal success: CNN and CourtTV keep psychic busy


Last year, after nearly two decades in Oregon and Florida, former Ruckersvillian Noreen Renier moved back to Virginia– and stepped big time into the limelight. In early 2003, she was credited with pointing authorities to the bodies in the Laci Peterson murder case, and her work as a "psychic detective" earned her appearances in two episodes of CourtTV's new series, The Pyschic Detectives. On April 21, Renier taped a segment (airdate unknown at press time) with CNN's Larry King. Renier, who now resides in Free Union, claims to have worked hundreds of homicide and missing persons cases. She informs CourtTV viewers, though, that her alleged powers aren't always on. "When I'm in my rational mind, I can get lost in Kmart. When I'm in my psychic mind, I can find airplanes from thousands of miles away." Renier tells the Hook her powers are at their best in Virginia "because this is where I started." One thing has definitely changed. She no longer charges a flat fee of $35 per case. –Hawes Spencer