Prism an odd place

The board structure of this supposedly tax exempt community non-profit organization is unlike any of the other non-profits I've been part of. Basically, the only people who get to vote for the board have been those willing to stick around and defer to the status quo, i.e. Fred.

Then they get to "vote"– if in fact elections occur (it's hard to find out)– for Fred, his partner, and those who will approve his personal vision.

I have been a supporter of the Prism and a big fan of Fred's musical taste and booking skills for many years. Many of us hope that Fred's skill and dedication to good music can continue to be important parts of the Prism for years to come. But putting on good concerts doesn't give him the right to hold absolute power over a community-subsidized organization.

If the Westminster Church chooses to subsidize the Prism space as a personal listening room, that is certainly their right, and the rest of us can go form our own folk music organization.

People who like the status quo could certainly support and vote for that. People who don't should have the right to voice alternate approaches without fear of intimidation.

Colin E. Ramirez