Prism key to music

It takes critically important performance venues like the Prism to keep traditional music alive. And these venues wouldn't exist without folks like Fred Boyce and Kenyon Hunter, who have, quite simply, dedicated their lives to this cause.

It breaks my heart to imagine how these alleged "dictators" must have felt seeing your "Prism Schism" story, as they went about their usual routine of mopping the floor, hustling meals and lodging for the artists, making and hand-distributing concert posters, negotiating future concerts on a shoestring budget, writing press releases, paying the utility bills, scrubbing the pots and pans, keeping the sound equipment in order, handling ticket sales, cleaning up after musicians, and doing the countless other unknown, unglamorous and uncompensated tasks necessary to keep this beloved institution afloat.

Jon Lohman
Virginia Folklife Program