Back home: DMB in the studio... here

DMB's much awaited seventh album– their sixth with RCA– just came a step closer. Band members entered their new Charlottesville studio late last month, according to Waldo Jaquith, founder of DMB fansite Jaquith says the new recording space is located south of town, and, based on photos he's seen, it's "beautiful," he says.

ATO spokesman Patrick Jordan confirms the band was here a couple of weeks ago but says they aren't studio bound now.

"They're working on pre-production," he says, adding that they will be starting rehearsals in Charlottesville in preparation for the summer tour.

Though early reports suggested the band might do their latest album sans producer, the recent Charlottesville arrival of Steve Harris, who produced 2002's Busted Stuff and Matthews' 2003 solo album, Some Devil, raised some eyebrows.

So what's the deal?

Jordan says the producer decision "is still up in the air."

No release date has been set.

The band hit the studio and will soon head out on tour.