The week in review

Worst week for 20,000 American troops in Iraq: Their homecomings are postponed for another three months because of Iraqi uprisings in the bloodiest month of the war yet.

Most fragile coalition: U.S. ally Spain announces it's withdrawing troops from Iraq, and other countries weigh their support.

Best insights into the Bush administration's decision to go to war: Yep, Bob Woodward has a new book out called Plan of Attack and it's excerpted this week in the Washington Post.

Biggest budget week: Charlottesville City Council passes a 7.2-percent-higher $100.4 million budget April 13 that increases the lodging tax, the cigarette tax to 25 cents per pack, trash sticker fees, parking fines, and building permit fees. Albemarle County ups its budget by 9 percent to $241 million. And both depend on the General Assembly getting its budget act together before July 1.

Worst trend along the tracks: Three students are robbed walking near the railroad tracks, the most recent around 4am April 17.

Best policy change for those charging racial profiling by police in the search for the serial rapist: Police announce stricter guidelines April 16 for requesting DNA samples with a buccal swab from a potential suspect's cheek.

Biggest scoop of local media: Police Chief Tim Longo tells local journalists he's temporarily suspending the buccal swab for serial rapist suspects after the Post's April 14 front page headline, "'DNA Dragnet' Makes Charlottesville Uneasy: Race Profiling Suspected in Hunt for Rapist. "

Best news for Grounds-loving UVA frosh: They are guaranteed housing through their second year.

Worst news for UVA students: The total price for in-state undergrads is going up 8.7 percent.

Best reason for Duke envy: The Durham university is discontinuing 8am classes because they're so poorly attended– but is sticking with 8:30am classes.

Most incongruous elements early April 18 following an Omega Psi Phi party on Rugby Road: Frat party, seven arrested– and no alcohol served? Kate Andrews has the story in the Progress.

Best second act: Retired UVA vice president of student affairs Ernie Ern takes on the interim chancellorship of UVA's College at Wise.

Worst news for Papa John's on the Corner: The pizzeria at the corner of 11th Street and West Main is slated for demolition to make way for a Medical Center research lab, the Cav Daily reports.

Worst weather for the Dogwood Festival: Last week's rains push back the opening from April 13 to April 15.

Most bills: Delegate Rob Bell has 13 of his bills signed into law by Governor Mark Warner. The bills toughen drunk driving laws and those for videotaping nude children.

Best get for Fifth District congressional candidate Al Weed: DMB's Boyd Tinsley lends his support at a reception for the Nelson County Democrat.

Best gets for Larry Sabato's Intro to American Politics class: Senator George Allen shows up April 12; Governor Mark Warner discusses Virginia's budget April 14, and reveals he has no plans to challenge Allen for his Senate seat in 2006, but may run for governor again in 2009.

Best get for Sutherland sixth graders: Nancy Redd, Miss Virginia 2003, drops by the middle school on April 13.