Belmont wants sidewalks too

Published April 15, 2004, in issue #0314 of the Hook

About city sidewalks ["Park Beech: Sidewalk threatens tree," News, April 1], as a 20-year resident of the southeast edge of Belmont along Monticello Road, I wonder why no one has thought of putting a sidewalk on the dangerous stretch of Monticello Road that leads to the Amoco station and food store between Linden and Knoll Streets.

There are always many people going back and forth who have to walk in the street and struggle with the steady stream of cars, trucks, and SUVs all day long, especially in the morning.

There are no sidewalks. Of course, it's not as pretty as Park Street, but maybe with a sidewalk (or two) it would be prettier, as well as safer.

Linda Blondel