Correct the escalator misunderstanding

I am writing in reference to your article on the SNL building, formerly Miller & Rhoads. ["Capshaw-ville II: DMB boss buys SNL building," News, April 1].

I am a native of Charlottesville and, during my teen years, worked for Miller & Rhoads. I can testify that there were never any escalators located in the Miller & Rhoads building. The only access between floors was elevators and a very wide winding staircase from the first floor to the lower-level which was accentuated by the large window facing Fourth Street.

The only escalators in Charlottesville were, and are still, located in Michaels, formerly Leggett's at Barracks Road Shopping Center.

Ann Joseph

Tempted to call it mass hallucination, I will instead opt for the "power of persuasion." I'm the guilty party who suggested to the two businessmen quoted that such escalators existed, but now I know you're right. (But don't forget the other set of moving stairs at CHO airport.)–editor