Anne Shannon Worrell Chapman to Fenstone Development Ltd., parcel in Ivy Creek, $540,700.

Thomas E. Worrell Jr., Trustee, to Ivy Creek LLC, 36.60 acres, $860,900.

Fenstone Development Ltd. to Ivy Creek LLC, 2.670 acres at 1220 Zack Lane, Ivy Creek, $759,300.

Aeacus Real Estate Ltd. to Ivy Creek LLC, 64.800 acres at 1200 Zack Lane, $14,598,400.


Andrew B. and Pamela G. Murray to Paul R. Cox, 8.989 acres at 2596 Earlysville Road, $169,900.

James L. Jessup Jr., Trustee, to Evergreen Land Co., 4.016 acres, $20,471.

Alexander J. and Joan B. Anonick to Margaret M. Walton, unit in Turtle Creek condominiums, $110,000.

Andrew W. and Eleanor W. Dillaway to Patrick J. and Betty Marie Bolger, 2635 Kendalwood Lane, Kendalwood, $407,500.

Michael H. and Margaret M. VanVranken to John S. Angle and Lani Peppers-Angle, 21 acres in Rustling Oaks subdivision, State Route 601, $600.000.

Dennis L. and Kathleen S. DeSilvey to John O. and Betty M. Nilsen, lot in Southern Hills, $83,000.

Dennis L. and Kathleen B. DeSilvey to David B. and Donna E. Appleby, 2712 Southern Hills Court, Southern Hills, North Garden, $424,000.

Peter Easter to Country Green LLC, 2.004 acres at 630 Country Green Lane, $570,000.

Jeanne M. Ward to Edna S. Doernberg, Trustee, 1308 Sycamore Court, Branchlands, $215,000.

Charles W. Hurt, Trustee, to Tri-County Development Corp., lot in Ashleigh subdivision, $54,500.

Rocks LLC to MacMillan Pace LLC, lot in The Rocks, $230,000.

George E. Mahanes to Lonesome Mountain Farm LLC, 208.897 acres at 3595 Lonesome Mountain Road, $1,475,000.

Happy Valley LLC to Weston Development Co. LC, lot in Walnut Hills, $135,000.

Forest Lakes Associates to Robert Hauser Homes Inc., lot in Willow Bend, Forest Lakes, $91,944; lot in Springridge, Forest Lakes, $90,000.

Pierson S. and Daniel D. Morrill to W.A. Pace Jr., 30 acres in the Scottsville magisterial district, $80,000.

Frederick W. Holt to Glenn E. and Victoria C. Branham, 2.695 acres at 989 Britts Mountain Hollow, $34,000.

Sandra E. Frazier to Michael E. Frazier, 3815 President's Road, Scottsville, $96,000.

Carolyln J. and John B. Fowler III to Manoj K. and Anita Karadia Patel, 3215 Malbon Drive, Forest Lakes, $385,000.

Teresa A. Curtis to Robert F. and Amy G. Dudley, 0.762 acres at 734 Miller School Road, $189,900.

Gigi Jordan and Raymond A. Mirra Jr. to Ram Realty Holdings LLC, 60.75 acres on Taylor's Gap Road, gift.

Peggy S. Harbert, Trustee, to Carolyn J. and John B. Fowler III, 1920 North Pantops Drive, Ashcroft, $492,500.

VanderLinde Housing Inc. to John Okaah and Yvonne S. Okyere, 362 Pleasant Place, $334,950.

Glenmore Associates Ltd. to Craig Allen and Martha Jean Benardo, lot in Glenmore, $220,000.

Marsha B. Manganini to David A. and Denise G. Salzman, 1005 Shadwell Road, Milton Heights, Keswick, $235,000.

Barry Meade Homes LLC to Ricky G. and Kimberly W. Clark, 1126 Foxvale Lane, Foxcroft, $268,500.

Forest Lakes Associates to VanderLinde Housing Inc., lot in Springridge, Forest Lakes, $345,000.

Wade Apartments LLC to Rogers Building Systems LLC, lot in Sachem Village, $168,000.

Lucille W. Willis to Betty J. and T.M. Batchelor, Jr., parcel in Carrsbrook, $53,900.

T. M. Batchelor to Stephen R. Jacques, Trustee, lot in Carrsbrook, $70,000.

Southland Homes Inc. to George S. and Marilyn M. Hertel, 1515 Running Cedar Court, Bentivar, $499,501.

Jeanne B. Clevenger to Keith A. Crawford, 2008 Leyland Drive, Springridge, Forest Lakes, $269,900.

Arnold J. and Georgeann F. Hendrick to Suzanne K. and Earl L. White Jr., 2089 Whispering Woods Drive, Forest Lakes, $291,500.

Ginger A. Slavic to Michael S. and Liviana A. Stone, 3382 Moubry Lane, Forest Ridge, $250,000.

James M. and Carolyln S. Holcomb to Robert J. and Janice R. Randall, Trustees, 2290 Lonicera Way, North Pines, $230,000.

Bryan P. Ducharme and Kelley Desclauriers to Blaine A. and Mardi T. Brownell, 4640 Mockernut Drive, Hickory Ridge, Earlysville, $780,000.

Sharlene C. Chambliss to Buck Island LLC, 2.91 acres at 3036 Garland Lane, $100,000.

Shahnaz Ghassemi to Stephen B. Birchell, 113 Scarborough Place, Sherwood Manor, $130,000.

Blue Ridge Homecrafters Inc. to Maple Ridge Group LC, 2.88 acres, $185,000.

Roy W. Collins to Maple Ridge Group LC, 2.36 acres, $185,000.

Melvin D. McCauley and Gwendolyn M. Rion to Handbilt Homes Inc., 935 King William Drive, Dunlora, $150,000.

Deborah H. Shook, Trustee, to Randall A. and Constance M. Yim, 149.9702 acres at 106 Jim Lane Road, Royal Oaks, $1,250,000.

Anna M. Worthington to Ronald E. and Paula Y. Peterson, 157 Spring Mountain Road, $171,000.

Robert Hauser Homes Inc. to Laurie Johnson, 1051 Bristlecone Lane, Willow Bend, Forest Lakes, $202,950.

Jodie Edwards to Beth Goldstein, 2.0 acres on State Route 637, 6482 Dick Woods Road, $40,000.

Weather Hill Homes Ltd. to Daniel K. and Jane R. Addison, 1827 Clay Drive, Waylands Grant, Crozet, $280,000.

Glenmore Associates Ltd. to R. D. Wade Builder Inc., lot in Glenmore, $120,000.

Charles W. Hurt, Trustee, to Richard F. Doyle, 2436 Hansens Mountain Road, Advance Mills Farm, $250,000.

Glenmore Associates Ltd. to MGR Development Corp., lot in Glenmore, $180,000.

Rio Associates Ltd. to Castle Gardens Shopping Center Ltd., 3.766 acres, $560,347.

William G. Taylor III to Phil G. Wendel, 24.007 acres at 1335 Garth Gate Lane, $1,150,000.

Hilda M. Monroe, Trustee, to Nancy F. Gordon, Trustee, unit in University Village condominiums, 500 Crestwood Drive, $325,000.

H. Wilson and Joan C. Davis to Dorie R. Wade, 1638 Garden Court, Gardencourt townhouses, $154,500.

Earl H. Burton, Trustee, to Kostich Construction Inc., parcel, $60,000.

Cassandra K. and John F. Mowbray to Josephine Pipkin and Douglas E. Loyd, 98 Wendover Lane, Key West, $339,000.

Timothy D. Veliky to VanderLinde Housing inc., six lots in Copperfield subdivision, $1,102,500.

Southern Property LLC to Landmark Enterprises LP, 1.605 acres at 1360 Stony Point Road, $475,000.

Myron E. and Betsy G. Tremain to Roland J. and Mary W. Land, 512 Wiley Drive, Ednam Forest, $702,000.

Tobey M. and Brandy S. Bouch to James and Margaret Ann Christmas, 1104 Amber Ridge Road, Highlands at Mechum's River, $186,000.

Weather Hill Homes Ltd. to Wendell W. Gibson Inc., five lots in Parkside Village, $257,500.

Dofflemyer Development LLC to Keith E. and Lisa A. Johnson, lot at 765 Yorkshire Road, Earlysville, $382,000.

Robert J. and Phyllis B. Bressan to Southern Property LLC, 2.01 acres at 170 South Pantops Drive, $535,000.

Robert Hauser Homes Inc. to Jane Matthews and Ronald D. Wiley Sr., 3281 Turnberry Circle, Springridge at Forest Lakes, $264,900.

Kenneth G. Hale Jr. to VanderLinde Housing Inc., 0.633 acres, $900,000.

Allene M. Jenkins and Sherrilynn K. Foster to Stuart B. Allen and David J. and Betty M. Cain, 136 Goldenrod Court, Lake Reynovia, $231,500.

Nell A. and James E. McFarland III to Madhusudhana R. and Kiranmaye Yadali, 206 Westbrook Place, Woodbrook, $225,000.

Alan and Lucy W. Richmond to Tobey M. and Brandy S. Bouch, 35.467 acres at 2936 Milton Road, Five Oaks, $270,000.

Robert Hauser Homes Inc. to Ching Tom Kong, 1053 Bristlecone Lane, $206,950.

Stuart F. Carwile to Suzanne Bowman, 2.0 acres on State Route 810, 5617 Rockery Place, Crozet, $135,000.

Susan M. Howelll, Trustee, to Jose P. and Eileen M. Gomez, 1663 Empress Lane, Empress Place, Forest Lakes South, $349,500.

Frank T. and Melissa A. Ballif to Liberty Homes Inc., parcel on Buck Island Road, $52,500.

Elizabeth W. Pugh to Weather Hill Homes Ltd., two lots on Jarman's Gap Road, $500,000.

R. D. Wade Builder Inc. to William F. and Kathleen M. Lee, 3512 Glasgow Lane, Glenmore, $515,442.

Stuart F. Carwile to Lincoln Trust Company, Trustee, 3.0 acres, $90,000.

Two Hundred Fifty West Holdings LLC to Robert Hauser Homes Inc., lot in Foxchase, $360,000.

Elizabeth E. and Benjamin M. Miller Jr., Trustees, to Paul M. and Virginia Coleman, 56.66 acres in Scottsville magisterial district, $140,000.



Jeffrey F. and Beth R. Monaco to Loring G. Woodriff, 317 Parkway Street, $354,000.

Adul Keomahathai to Nenad Amanovic, 435 Moseley Drive, $193,000.


Lewis N. Woolford and Cindy Rich to Carlton Property LLC, 1203 Carlton Avenue, $110,000.

Eugene P. and Mary W. Pollock to 214 Sprigg Lane LLC, 2.34 acres at "Morea," 214 Sprigg Lane, $800,000.

Jason L. Washburn and Emily Thompson-Washburn to Tara H. Hodges, 815 Orangedale Avenue, $84,800.


Jennifer R. and Michael K. Morris to Ken and Betty Jane Mori, 214 Little Graves Street, $236,000.


Robert M. and Judy C. Rogers to Alfred J. Laluna, 919 Altavista Avenue, $115,000.

Jennifer R. and Daniel S. Behe Jr. to Gregory T. and Edna R. Drudy, 1613 Cedar Hill Road, $179,900.

Martha Jefferson Hospital to Martha Jefferson House, 1602 Gordon Avenue, $109,218.18.

L.G. and Kathlene B. Harding to David E. and Annette Watkins, 310 Cleveland Avenue, $99,500.

Reba F. Woodward to Theodore L. and Ruth J. Davis, 104 Denice Lane, $200,000.

Vernon G. Sullivan to John and Gwendolyn Loehr, lot in "Oaklawns," $32,000.


Edsel H. and Mary V. Lester to University of Virginia Real Estate Foundation, unit in Wertland Commons condominiums, gift.

Tiger Fuel Co. to Eagle Corp., 934 Harris Street, no price given.

Kenneth A., Christian A., and Karen B. tombs to John T. Jackson III, 113 Darien Terrace, $135,000.

Alease T. Smiley to Gene and Gayle Lawhorne, 2308 Banbury Street, $175,000.

Loring Woodriff to Wildan Property LLC, 1203 Belleview Avenue, $190,000.


William A. and Bonnie Gayle Johnson to Karl D. Smith and Nathan Blessing, 809 Anderson Street, $95,000.

East Jefferson Street Partnership to DGK LLC, unit in 10 Market Street condominiums, no price given.

Frank H. Earle IV to John F. and Myrian G. Pitts, 309 Monte Vista Avenue, $227,000.


Phaedrus Acgtblu (fka Kent Schwager) to Joann F. and Arthur T Conroy III, 12 & 17 Elliewood Avenue, $320,000.

Richard A. Weinberg to Jason M. and Dana E. Dunn, 1517 Trailridge Road, Johnson Village, $200,900.


Vincent P. and Alice S. Riccabona to Edward W. Pettersen and Nancy H. Page, 2406 Jefferson Park Avenue, $339,000.

Mary P. Newton to Kenneth B. Fox III, 1316 Early Street, $130,000.

Charles E. and Melody Swartz to Ellen C. Dietrick, 439 Fairway Avenue, $186,500.

Aaron Buchanan to Thomas D. and Kelly Silliman, 520 Caroline Avenue, $170,000.

Townsquare Association to Gauss LLC, 110-112 Second Street NE, $720,000.

John P. and Mary K. Blake to Mary M. and Mashelle M. Piet, 1607 Dublin Road, $220,000.

Ralph E. Main Jr. to Lynwood D. Wood, 418 10th Street NW, $74,500.


Veliky LC to Granville B. and Laurie V. Rooker, 1301 Gordon Avenue, $164,000.

Veliky LC Timothy D. and Melanie D. Veliky, 354 14th Street NW, $169,600.


Martha M. Marable to Virginia A. Evans, 872 Locust Avenue, $650,000.

Larry F. Sprouse to Central Virginia Capital LLC, 404, 600 & 602 Elliot Avenue and 1104 Ware Street, $300,000,

John C. Whitten to Joel A. and Kerry E. Blum, 1124 Meriwether Street, $214,900.

Richard Spurzem to Sandbox LLC, 1206 Belleview Avenue, $119,100.

Big Deal


Aeacus Real Estate Ltd. to Ivy Creek LLC, 64.800 acres at 1200 Zack Lane, $14,598,400.