Daren L. and Miki T. Purnell to James R. and Pat T. Cato, 1304 Grove Street, $134,000.

Bank of America to Mark S. Check, 400 Ridge Street, $152,000.

Kimberly S. Vosper to Ruth E. Guss, 1004 Druid Avenue, Belmont, $100,000

Kevin Browning to Evergreen Real Estate LLC, two units in the Corner Village condominiums, 1215 Wertland Street, gift.


Michael and Janet Webb to Pangean Properties LLC, parcel on Henry Avenue and parcel on Barbour Drive, gift.

Stanley and Judy Tatum to Ralph E. Main Jr., Trustee, lot on Malcolm Crescent, $120,000.

Joshua J. and Mary S. Yates to J. Michael and Samduk Bhutti Pittard, 405 Allen Drive, $201,000.

Debra E. T. Dillon and Carl S. Tilman to Thomas H. and Suzanne Wintner, 1611 Center Avenue, $162,900.

Nancy J. Payne to Waymon H. and Anna C. Payne, 121 Birdwood Court, $135,000.

Robert W. and Adrienne A. R. Dent to Rebecca A. Lower, 2223 Hill Street, $205,000.

Ken and Betty Jane Mori to Robert and Adrienne Dent, 104 Todd Avenue, $335,000.

James R. McCue to Lane L. Bonner, lot on 14th Street, $225,000.

Robert P. Hughes and Michael Viglione to Robert Hughes, 1113 Elliot Avenue, $15,000.


Mary L. Wyant to Walter B. Ralls, 118 North Baker Street, $135,000.

David P. Calfee to Walter and Elizabeth Girstantas, 1111 Sherwood Road, Sherwood Forest, $230,000.

VV Vermoegensverwaltungscesellschaft BfR (VVGbR), a German Partnership, to VVP LLC, 1.008 acres, the Federal Building, 255 West Main Street, no price given.

Lawrence Barnett III to Lawrence, Charles, and Minda Barnett, 1014 St. Charles Avenue, no price given.

Julius P. and Ruth L. Barclay to Spencer B. and Marit C. Gay, 1436 Grove Road, $387,500.

John M. Crafaik III to Joseph Mallory, 220 Fifth Street SW, $125,000.


Joseph Mallory to D. Asher Biemann and Dalia Rosenfeld, 220 Fifth Street SW, $259,900.

Ian F. and Karen E.S. Bosserman to Louise C. Trudel, 1426 Dairy Road, $365,000.

E.V. Echols to John W. Townsend, 815 Tanglewood Road, $172,800.

Jeanne B. and Frank N. Radcliffe Jr. to KLR Enterprises LLC, 108 Buckingham Road, $10,000.

Charles F. and Christina G. Lyons to Penelope Ward, 1624 Mason Lane, $184,500.

Shelah K. and James H. Scott Jr. to Sarah E. and James H. Scott III, 1863 Winston Road, $575,000.

Avery and Josephine A. Evans to Ian and Karen E. S. Bosserman, 1.1593 acres at 1419 Hilltop Road, $565,000.

Jennifer B. and Bryan S. Drummond to Peggy M. and Henry T. Dixon Jr., 118 Hartford Court, $137,500.

Beth Berne to Struthers H. and Frederick E. Gignoux III, 1851 Wayside Place, $635,000.


Avery J. and Josephine A. Evans to Bruce Barkley, 1.0616 acres at 1415 Hilltop Road, $230,000.

George B. Thomson Jr. to David, Melissa, and Briana M. Slutzky, 111 Observatory Avenue, $140,000.

Barbara LaChance to Patrick F. Jordan Jr. and Monica D. Brewington, 914 Marshall Street, $300,000.

Ellis J. Frazier to Anthony W. Gray and Heba F. El-Shazli, 1215 Cherry Avenue, $142,000.


Jacqueline R. Quarles to Christopher P. and Valerie J. Laury, 765 Orangedale Avenue, $83,000.

Sarah A. Scanga to Oliver K. and Doris J. Hall, unit in Charlottesville Towers condominium, First Street, $133,000.


Gregory H. and Sally M. Godfrey to Thomas A. Day, unit in Jefferson Park condominiums, $95,000.


H. Frederick and Norma A. Battle to Megan A. Sacco, 110 Locust Lane Court, Locust Meadows, $219,000.

Elizabeth E. Miller, Patricia M. Nesbit, and Benjamin M. Miller Jr. to Carey F. and Robert R. Bailey Jr., 127 Stribling Avenue, $160,800.

Gregory C. Brown to David J. Maloney and Lisa Bergeron, 115 Lodge Creek Circle, $149,900.

Alva M. Williams-Hester to Biglce LLC, 322 and 324 Berring Street, $122,000.

John L. and Abbie D. Rowlett to Granville and Jean L. Carver, 918 Rosser Lane, $575,000.

Dawn J. Schmidt to Alfred J. LaLuna, 424 Riverdale Avenue, $135,000.

Wilson W. Cropp II to PS2 Properties LLC, 19.641 at 1701 Riverside Avenue near Riverview Cemetery, $465,000.


R. Gerald and Emily N. Cummings to William N. Cummings, 1826 Yorktown Drive, $252,000.

Wilson W. Cropp II to Scott E. Jones and Mary I. Cassell, 0.138 acres at 1510 Short 18th Street, $100,000.


Margaret C. and William D. Eubank Jr. to Johnny and Sarah Simmons, 1635 Cherry Avenue, $134,000.

Andrew Boninti et al., to Breck A., Lara C., and Kirk Gastinger, 612 Wine Cellar Circle, $238,000.

Ronald D. Wiley Sr. to Mary K. Bednar, 725 Village Road, Johnson Village, $212,000.

Beaulah M. Cloney to Thomas R. Schwenk, 728 McIntire Road, $130,000.


Thomas S.M. Brannock, Trustee, to Church Hill Development Co., lot on Wine Cellar Circle, $100,000.

Walter T. and Jo O'Connor to Thomas J. and Regina L. O'Rourke, unit in Queen Charlotte condominiums, 241 East Jefferson Street, $283,000.

Patrick J. and Joan L. Crowley to Alisa K. Crowley, 602 Watson Avenue, $180,000.

Carmen I. Paris to David P. Horgan, 614 Brown Street, $156,000.

Brian M. Gravely to Nancy J. Payne, 1117 Sherwood Road, $210,000.

Faith J. Polaro to Thomas R. Moore, 610 Gillespie Avenue, $185,000.


Eddie Bee Edwards to David F. and Joann C. Mount, 1106 Myrtle Street, $149,900.

Hoopes Houses LLC to Joey E. Holler, 104 Danbury Court, $135,000.


Roger Rosenbaum et al. to Lair D. Haugh, Trustee, parcel on Orangedale Avenue, $57,000.


Carolyn B. Cox to Alberta Savonuzzi, 1614 Brandywine Drive, $357,500.

Jeffrey A. and Karen S. Kaster to Margaret B. Haupt, 937 Belmont Avenue, $272,000.


David A. and Denise G. Salzman to Gateway Property Group LLC, 817 Stonehenge Avenue, $131,000.


Richard Lang to Nicole K. and Donald E. Cherry, 526 Meade Avenue, $125,000.

Alan Maughlin, Chris Gredler and Andy Oban, Trustees, to Roy D. and Maren T. Hange, 102 Linda Court, Meadows subdivision, $169,000.

David O. and Andrea E. Bluthardt to Barbara T. Frost, 278 Stribling Avenue, $164,800.


Ellen H. Schuman to Fitz-Hugh C. and Tristan E. Morgan, 1451 Oxford Road, $300,000.

Julia C. D. Govan to Benjamin C. and John T. Elliff, 720 McIntire Road, $175,000.

Patricia S. Kusiak to Edwin E. and Ruth D. Wade, 1205 River Vista Avenue, $117,000.

Ernest D. and Amy c. Thacker to Bernard E. and Tomoko S. Marshall, 106 Hartford Court, $100,000.

Hazel K. Cole to Jared T. and Julia D. Govan, 1449 Westwood Road, $225,000.

Charles E. and Millie L. Jackson to Alexander Dotson and Debra A. Hornberger, 107 Waterbury Court, $120,000.

John E. and Allison R. Schrecengost to H. August and Martha W. Sanusi, 128 Waterbury Court, $146,100.


Panjean Properties to Roderick D. and Megan F. Watson, 934 Henry Avenue, $160,000.

JRN Inc. t/a JRN Chicken Stores Inc. to Harold and Kum Butler, 600 Cherry Avenue, $225,000.

William Gimberts, Janice McCann, and S. Smalley, Trustees, to Wendell W. Gibson and Rebecca I. Crowe, 1030 Linden Avenue, $200,000.

Rocky Road Properties LLC to Walter Meukow, 2542 Woodland Drive, $143,000.

Le deal très grand:


VV Vermoegensverwaltungscesellschaft BfR (VVGbR), a German Partnership, to VVP LLC, 1.008 acres, the Federal Building, 255 West Main Street, no price given.