Getting a buzz: A ripping good time in Batesville

Ingredients for a fun Saturday: apple butter, country biscuits, sausage gravy, coffee, and chainsaws. And that's just what was going down March 20 at the Batesville Day Field. The local Ruritan Club invited local timber master Rob Springer of Bartlett Tree Experts to teach some proper chainsaw safety procedures.

Food for the event was donated by the newly reopened Page's Store– and it's worth the drive out there to pick up a jar of their apple butter.

Springer's lessons on chainsaws were fascinating­ even for the good ole boys who've been around chainsaws all their lives. He went over handling, proper cutting techniques, how tight the chain should be, and how to avoid cutting your head off. He touted the importance of good protection equipment. Also on hand was Jimmy Carter of JC's Repair Shop, who demonstrated the Stihl line of chainsaws and provided sharpening services.

The piece de resistance was the felling of a rotted-out tree. Springer suited up and climbed aloft to make the proper cuts. After being pulled down by a coworker, the tree was cut into pieces and cleared away.

Batesville's next big event is the annual Batesville Day on May 15. Keep an eye on The Hook's Culture section for details.


Le bon
beurre de pomme !


Felling a tree the right way


Paul Given with the good old boys of Batesville


Rob Springer cuts the perfect notch.


Safety first, kids.


Rob Springer is serious when it comes to chainsaw safety, but in a nice way.


Springer cuts a tree down and hauls it away by hand. He's a beast!