Hooray for smooth jazz!

You wrote that The Hook was unable to find anyone happy about the 107.5 format change. Well, here are two. My wife and I are fabulously happy about the new "mix" of music– we finally have the format we've missed the most since relocating here from Northern Virginia in August 1999.

There, WJZW Smooth Jazz 105.9 was a staple on our car and home stereos– especially the Sunday Jazz Brunch. And whenever I've traveled to D.C. since, I've always switched to the station as soon as I could pick up the signal (around Culpeper or thereabouts).

So, despite what Professor Waldner might think, we will readily and steadily admit that we like– indeed, prefer– the smooth jazz/new age format... especially compared to the crude offerings that previously played on 107.5.

But comparing smooth jazz to The Carpenters? Oh, please, Professor!

Chip Deale

P.S. People might complain (perhaps correctly in some respects) that Clear Channel is just a huge radio monolith. But the company has done things right in Charlottesville of late: changing the format of 102.3 back to the oldies it formerly played (anything would be better than the Billy Bob & Bubba– or whatever their names are– "show" that polluted the airwaves before the switch) and, now, the reformatting of 107.5. Oh, happy day!