107.5 greed hurts listeners

Thanks for writing the article about the change on 107.5 [News, March 18, "Jazzed up: 107.5 change rocks Kidd fans"]. It's clear after reading the article (and hearing from Reagan myself– finally after repeated emails to him) that the decision was based purely on money.

Charlottesville does not have a decent morning show out there now. Kidd was the best! The DJs in Charlottesville are bad– they don't make you laugh or enjoy your morning commute. I have never lived in a city that did not have one great morning show. Heck, most cities have several!

I really hope that 107.5 is happy that they put money first, and not the listener. I will never believe that instrumentals every third song are what people in Charlottesville– or any city– want. Maybe an elevator company would approve the change!

And the name "smooth jazz"– since when are Michael Bolton, Christopher Cross, and Phil Collins jazz? It was a bad decision all around. But unfortunately, if they still get advertising, and without a morning show to pay, they'll probably make money. Sad to say, Clear Channel gets richer, and the listeners get nothing!

Thanks for the article! We loyal Kidd listeners would love to hear him and his team on any station in Charlottesville!

Amy Oatman