Mrs. Veep: Lynne Cheney's Montpelier history lessons

Orange County welcomed an interesting visitor Thursday, March 11, when Lynn Cheney toured Montpelier. After a private tour, the wife of the Vice President spent time with about 50 area third, fourth, and fifth graders.

Mrs. Cheney's children's books, America, A Patriotic Primer and A is for Abigail, An Almanac of Amazing American Women, were the focus of her time with the children. She spoke about the importance of the Founding Fathers, significant American history events, and the women whose contributions history books often leave out.

The excited children were quick to answer questions about historical figures– even offering some names a high school student might not have known.

At Montpelier's Education Center the children mingled with representatives of the media, secret service agents, Montpelier staff, and a video crew.

As might be expected of the former head of the National Endowment for the Humanities, Mrs. Cheney is a history buff, and her goal was to convey the importance of history in education.

The kids liked it, and everyone had a great time.

Lynne Cheney gets patriotic with her children's book,

Mrs. Cheney with a thumbs up for

Showing off important American women from the book,
A is for Abigail.

Tour Guide Christopher Cotz keeps an eye on the kiddies.

Lights! Cameras! Security! The media and school kids await Mrs. Cheney.

Press Secretary Natalie Rule shared her digits. That's probably her job, though.

Orange County police sniff out a local photographer.

Michael Quinn, Montpelier Foundation president and CEO, introduces Lynne Cheney.