Eugene A. and Sylvia Hoffman to Jeffrey R. and Sheila L. Hoffman, 23.450 acres on State Route 645, gift.

Jean A. and Carl L. Alexander to Linda Lloyd, 7.334 acres at 3554 Plank Road, Schuyler, $78,000

Frederick E. VonLewinski to Antoinette H. VonLewinski, 965 Earlysville Forest Drive, Earlysville Forest, gift.

Donna and Thomas L. Brumfield Jr. to Richard and Charlotte Lewis, 933 Huntwood Lane, $160,000

Dennis R. and Nola R. Charles to Jaie W. and Dona D. Rachmel, 6047 Cling Lane, Crozet Crossing, $139,900.

Andrew L. Wilder, Special Commissioner, to Shirley C. Brown, 2.549 acres on State Route 717, 5452 Secretary's Sand Road, Alberene, $24,900.

Justine B. Gilpin to VanderLinde Housing Inc., 26.27 acres on State Route 614, White Hall, $1,595,000.

Inez A. Banister to Alice and Ulysses G. Turner III, 507 and 505 Wiley Drive, Ednam Forest, $700,000.

Doris L. Coffey-Duff to Bedri Raci, 107 Commonwealth Circle, Berkeley, $180,900.

Robert W. and Alyce G. Crouter to Arne B. Bendixen, 3232 Gateway Circle, $195,000.

Eileen and Thomas J. Keavey to Diversified Properties Investing LLC, 1277 Maple View Drive, Willow Lake, Esmont, $178,000.

Daniel G. and Sara I. Barbee to Jeffrey A. and Philippa Luross, 20.339 acres on State Routes 674 and 614, 3410 Cemetery Knoll, Crozet, $528,000.

W. Roy Coggin to Wayne A. Russell, 5.0 acres on Red Hill School Road, North Garden, $49,900.

Church Hill Development Co. to Susan W. and William B. Watkins, 3529 Preddy Creek Road, $224,400.


Robert P. Collins, Trustee, to John B. and Carol Szczyglinski, 1934 English Oaks Circle, English Oaks, $267,000.

Glenmore Associates Ltd. to Robert J. and Donna L. Andris, lot in Glenmore, Keswick, $234,000.

Redfields Development Corp. to Wendell W. Gibson Inc., two lots in Redfields, $127,000.

Sheets Group LLC to David C. and Sally C. Carroll, 5.0 acres at 750 Covey Hill Road, Farmington, $2,000,000.

Mary and William C. McCamant Jr. to Vincent P. and Alice Riccabona, 715 Bridlepath Drive, Earlysville, $515,000.

R. D. Wade Builder Inc. to Gardner Dalton Inc., lot in Springridge, Forest Lakes, $223,450.

Paul W. and Lois S. Clarke to Tuckedaway LLC, 67.119 acres on State Route 684, 6644 Piedmont Church Lane, $1,390,000.

Katherine F. Birckhead to Tuckedaway LLC, 2.003 acres at 697 Peach Bush Road, $110,000.

Kelly Anne Wilkinson to Hope M. Hicks, 2462 White Hall Road, Albemarle Lake, $82,500.

American Senior Housing LLC to Weather Hill Homes Ltd., parcel, $382,500.

Bruce R. and James B. Murray Jr. to Greenmont Farms RLLP, 9.047 acres on Secretary's Sand Road, $74,220.75.


Betty Starr to Daniel J. Mackey and Lori C. Bubb, 6.28 acres at 3493 Solitude Lane, Esmont, $243,500.

Contracting Services Inc. to George W. and Sara J. Dansey, 1615 Stoney Creek Drive, Mill Creek, $263,430.

William H. White III, Trustee, to Sheryl B. Heckler, 225 Wellington Drive, Ednam Forest, $960,000.

Virginia D. Hahn to Ronald and Pamela Weightman, 2656 English Oaks Circle, English Oaks, $745,000.

David E. and Lynette M. Miller to Karla J. Wentzel, 971 Kelsey Drive, Redfields, $270,000.

Mary B. Sheridan, Trustee, to David E. and Leora S. Vincenti, 3.0 acres at 5212 Walnut Level Road, Crozet, $107,000.

Sallianne Y. Whitman, Executor of the estate of Carmen C. Yuan, to Bridget Vargas, 1325 N. Branchlands Drive, Branchlands Retirement Village, $132,500.


Zakin Construction Co. to Theodore E. and Mary A. Reuter, 475 Rosemont Drive, Rosemont, $1,200,000.

Doris N. Busby to Brian Pusser and Rebecca H. Foster, 3160 Dundee Road, Arbor Park, Earlysville, $5,060.

Douglas G. and Danielle Albert to Elefterious K. and Jennifer F. Vassalos, 7.569 acres at 1186 Turner Mountain Road, $745,000.

Elizabeth H. Hulvey to Eleanore F. Walker, Trustee, 551 Pebble Hill Court, Redfields, $191,200.

Eleanore F. Walker, Trustee, to David E. and Lynette M. Miller, 551 Pebble Hill Court, Redfields, $218,000.

R. W. Mawyer Inc. to John S. Palkot and Nancy S. Miller, 545 Tanager Woods Court, Earlysville, $549,000.

Robert Hauser Homes Inc. To Owen G. and Kathleen M. McKenzie, 338 Shepherds Ridge Circle, Rivercrest of Dunlora, $384,950.


MGR Development Corp. to Kevin J. and Kathy L. Kerrigan, 1126 Olympia Drive, Fontana, $344,427.

James H. and Susan M. Morse to David C. and Kathryn N. Foulk, 271 Blue Springs Lane, Blue Springs Farm, $1,100,000.

Norman K. and Kerri B. Taylor to John K. and Laura G. Cabell, 304 Monacan Drive, Carrsbrook, $397,500.

Craig Enterprises Inc. to Rim Jarjour, 423 Heritage Court, Redfields, $234,431.

Betty Bell Barclay to Willard N. and Vivian F. Lave, 1314 Sycamore Court, Branchlands Retirement Village, $173,000.

Builder Resource and Development Co. to Ronald D. and Frances Carter, 3093 Darby Road, Glenmore, Keswick, $1,185,000.

William E. Pearce to Gary W. and Marisa L. Stevenson, 57.74 acres on State Route 722, $130,000.

Robert Hauser Homes Inc. to Glenn W. Branham, 3155 Turnberry Circle, Springridge at Forest Lakes, $302,950.

Paul E. and Sandra F. Morris to Sandra F. Morris, 2.01 acres at 5896 Buffalo River Heights, Earlysville, gift.

Lester E. Bailey, Trustee, to Michael E. Miller, 3.04 acres at 155 Irish Road, Scottsville, $182,500.

Emmaus With Child Inc. to Denise F. Jackson, 101 West Park Drive, Knollwood, $334,000.

Gloria Lamb Baber, Trustee, to Carmelita W. and Earnest L. Gaines Jr., 1666 Cool Springs Road, Townwood, $147,500.


Kimberly and David R. Suyes III to Mark H. and Lisa S. Passarella, 1503 Still Meadow Cove, Still Meadow, $500,500.

Gianluigi and Leslie Bertelli to Brian K. Madden, 1610 Garden Court, Garden Court Townhouses, $155,000.

Earl H. Burton, Trustee, to Barry Meade Homes LLC, lot in Deerwood Village, $60,000.

Forest Lakes Associates to Robert Hauser Homes Inc., lot in Springridge, Forest Lakes, $85,000.

David M. Savitz Sr. to Hobbs Living Family Trust, 6.0 acres, $165,000.

B. Thomas Woodson to Bernard L. Woodson Jr., 1.0 acre at 3788 Green Creek Road, Scottsville, $41,667.

Charles W. Hurt, Trustee, to R. W. Mawyer Inc., lot in Tanager Woods, $125,000.

Ruth E. and Roy F. Raines to George D. Morris, 1760 Hearthglow Lane, Fieldbrook, $240,000.

Robert Hauser Homes Inc. to Billey R. Butler, 1108 Pike Place, Rivercreek of Dunlora, $319,344.

Philip A. Sansone, Trustee, to Gary A. Howie, 2883 Seminole Trail, $200,000.


Robert C. and Elmira L. Hammond, Trustees, to John C. and Suzanne M. Dennis, 425 Mallard Lake Drive, Earlysville, $620,000.

Winfrey T. Wade, Trustee, to Bank of America, 2.12 acres on State Route 795, $96,000.

Donald R. Walker to Veliky LC, lot in Oak Hill, $167,500.

Percy W. Payne to Lorenza W. Dickerson, 5.0 acres on State Route 640, gift.

Forest Lakes Associates to Andrew B. and Donna K. Lee, 303 Pleasant Place, Pleasant Ridge, gift.

James L. and Brooke A. Asher to Sean A. Julian and Karen A. Quillen, 924 Royer Drive, Willoughby, $201,000.

Robert Hauser Homes Inc. to Jeffrey R. Rohm and Kathy Yowell-Rohm, 3406 Turnberry Circle, Springridge at Forest Lakes, $306,000.


William W. and Martha J. Johnson to James L. and Brooke A. Asher, 825 Quail Ridge Circle, Earlysville Forest, Earlysville, $306,000.

Ronald W. and Donna S. Hoy to Eddie W. Willard, 2723 Proffitt Road, $140,000.

William H. Chisholm Jr. to R. W. Mawyer Inc., 645 Bridlepath Drive, Foxwood, Earlysville, $135,000.

Richard W. and Nancy Bransfield to Chet N. and Joann H. Seapy, Trustee, 4935 Abelia Way, Aspenwood Forest, $272,000.

Hillary R. Chisholm to Cynthia E. Trainum, 1.15 acres at 7043 Albevanna Spring Road, Scottsville, $70,600.

Ludwig Kuttner to V. Whitney and Anna K. Critzer, 37.329 acres at 9388 Critzer Road, Afton, $170,000.

Ludwig Kuttner to Church of the Blue Ridge, 19 acres in White Hall District, gift.

Ross L. and Leslie J. Bennett to Suzanne E. Celentano, 208 Brentwood Road, Woodbrook, $245,700.

Caroline and Timothy J. Shen to Elizabeth A. Arledge, 317 Bennington Road, Bennington Woods, $208,000.

Thomas S. and Melissa F. Jeffrey to Elizabeth M. Janthey, lot in Highlands at Mechum's River, $191,000.

Big deals:

This week's list contains too many big deals to name just one. There are six transactions printed here topping the magic million-dollar mark. (Check 'em out in bold type.)