Boarder redux: Champs end season in style

The sun was hot, and the snow was slushy, but what a great day it was for racing. The third and final Blue Ridge Doublecross went down Sunday, March 7. Top-scorers in three days of racing savored the rewards of their efforts. Skis, snowboards, boots, and bindings, were just some of the booty in this Freestyle-sponsored event. Red Bull gave away a trip to national ski and snowboard competition. Much rejoicing ensued.

The awards ceremony got under way promptly at 4pm in the courtyard at Wintergreen. Racers, friends, and family members munched tasty fare, slurped down Red Bull-infused cocktails, and pretty much just partied the way snow sport fanatics do. It was laid back and family-friendly.

As the party wound down with local rockers T.O.W. jamming out some nĂ¼-metal, snowboarders and skiers shuffled off into the setting sun. The end of the season is near, but these snow-capped-mountain lovers will savor every last minute and every last snowflake.

Nothing beats snowboarding in your shorts.

Freestyle's Sepp Kober jokes around with Brian Thompson of Innovative Audio and Sound.

Party over here! Party over there!

Men's 18-34 snowboard champ Mark McDonald and second-placer Matt Steffanina ponder their goodies.

Women's 18-34 ski champ Jennifer St. Pierre is da bomb.

Emmalee Main catches air over Jump 2.

Peter Roderick and Anthony Dyrattera dig in.

Ian Trebour pulls through clean.

T.O.W. brings the pain.