Big beats! Jae Sinnett, sticking around Garrett Hall

What does it take to be a drummer? Is a natural sense of rhythm required? Does how fast you roll your triplets matter? Can you qualify for the title by scrunching your face during a big fill? According to a premier practitioner, being a drummer is all about having passion for the beat.

On February 26, renowned jazz drummer Jae Sinnett held a free drum clinic at UVA's Garrett Hall. Politely humble even at 6'4", Jae is truly a wonder to watch and hear. He began the clinic with a pounding eight-minute drum solo in 7-4 time, then broke it down bit by bit to show how he did it. Quite a feat considering that most drum solos are improv and most pop songs are 4-4.

The clinic was more than just a tutorial in "how to play like Jae." He spoke about the importance of positive attitude and good mental and physical health. He covered technique, practice, finding yourself, and setting goals both long- and short-term useful skills in everyday life as well as behind a drum kit.

The crowd was a who's who of local musicians. Robert Jospé, Stuart Gunter, and Spencer Lathrop represented the drumming community, while John D'earth and his group held up the jazz end.

Robert Jospé gives props to Spencer Lathrop.

Jae Sinnett gets fresh during his solo.

Jae Sinnett is the man.

Baby James and Stuart Gunter prove that a family that drums together stays together.

Sinnett dominates Garrett Hall.

Sinnett catches up with Robert Jospé and John D'earth.