Rosemary R. Dent to Bruce Campbell, 8.303 acres in two tracts on State Route 676, $530,000.

R. Stuart and Alayna C. Hornsby to William E. Fox, 1121 Vegas Court, Rio Heights, $253,500.

V. Matthew and Vahan G. Ghazarian to Lincoln L. and Deanine M. Lilley, 2374 Austin Drive, Briarwood, $139,900.

Wilbur A. Snead to Melisa A. Evans, 6.0 acres west of State Route 722, 8798 Old Green Mountain Road, gift.

Ann H. and A. Preston Moore, Trustees, to Sherri and A. Preston Moore Jr., 15 Canterbury Road, Bellair, $400,000.

Donald W. Jones II to Margo M. Jones, 2.0 acres at 3250 Flannigan Branch Lane, gift.

Katherine F. and Gary L. Morris to Gary L. Morris, parcel on Bent Oaks Drive, Earlysville Forest, $120,000.

Greenberry Land Trust to Handbilt Homes Inc., 2.80 acres at 343 Burchs Creek Road, gift.

Lewis A. and Sharon L. Bragg to Christopher D. and Abigail R. Inman, 1750 Easy Lane, Hollymead, $199,000.

Norwood Management LLC to Magnolia Restaurant LLC, 2,498 sq. ft. at 515 Valley Street, Scottsville, $180,000.

Redfields Development Corp. to Craig Enterprises Inc., lot in Redfields, $63,500.

R. C. Pace and M. W. Sandridge Jr. to M. W. Sandridge Jr., 2.5 acres, $2,000.

Julia E. Patsell to Harold W. and Lisa A. Cavin, 4669 Briarwood Drive, Briarwood, $130,000.

Joseph M. and Karina Casero to Paul D. Quinn, 351.458 acres at 7148 Monterey Farm Lane, Greenwood, $1,930,000.


Margaret V. Dameron to Norman J. Snow, 1700 Thurston Drive, Thurston subdivision, Crozet, $234,000.

Robert Hauser Homes Inc. to James F. and Nancy C. Maley, 1278 Townbrook Crossing, Dunlora, $331,950.

Joseph W. Richmond Jr., Trustee of the Mary Wilde Rohmann Trust, to Seymour and Irene R. Groner, Trustees, unit in University Village, 500 Crestwood Drive, $520,000.

Hurt Investment Company to Piraeus LLC, 2.26 acres in Scottsville Magisterial District, $5,000.

John P. and Sharon R. Briggs to Phillip H. Haney, 2.080 acres in Rivanna Magisterial District, $18,000.

Debra and Samuel H. Woodson Jr. to Rebecca Lea Woodson, 4.217 acres at 2786 Woodson's Store Lane, gift.

David W. and Margaret M. Clifton to Walter E. and Dorothy C. Steidle, 1657 Empress Place, Forest Lakes South, $342,500.

MGR Development Corp. to Janice and David H. Garrett Jr., 0.371 acres at 2325 Treviso Lane, Fontana, $349,400.

Maria A. and James W. Bell Jr. to Margaret V. Dameron, 520 Nottingham Road, Westmoreland, $287,000.

Ray W. Frantz Jr. to Elizabeth Moore Chesler and Ann H. and Alice P. Moore, Trustees, 540 Worthington Drive, Ednam Forest, $367,000.

Weather Hill Homes Ltd. to David O. and Andrea E. Bluthardt, lot in Blue Hills, $80,000.

Craig Enterprises Inc. to Robert H. Ropp, 5604 Stonegate Lane, Crozet, $292,811.

Jeanette G. Buys to Charles A. and Frances S. Beasley, 3381 Piperfife Court, Glenmore, Keswick, $308,000.

Andrew J. and Allison Battista to Charles F. and Patrice H. Tucker, 687 Tilman Road, $375,000.

Janice Beddow and Claude J. Bailey to Eric M. Bailey, 16.945 acres at 6112 Wild Pear Lane, $150,000.


Qunitain LLC to I&J Home Builders LLC, 3.17 acres at 21708 James Madison Highway, Troy, $25,000.

William L. Hiter to Thomas G. and Deborah F. Forbes, 0.94 acres at 3282 Scottsville Road, gift.

John W. Hill Jr. to Jonnie S. and Charles J. Brown III, 0.241 acres at 1062 Autumn Hill Court, Western Ridge, $220,000.

Sheri D. Raymond to Jamison and Elisabeth Baty, 1565 Poe's Lane, Hollymead, $194,500.

Velva M. Allen to Peter G. and Margaret T. Mann, 475 Worthington Drive, Ednam Forest, $590,000.

Sherman D. Delk to Thomas Selinger, two units in Solomon Court condominiums, $119,800.

Genova H. Durrette to Marilyn V. Whiting, 1.078 acres in Hillsboro, $12,500.

George A. and Marti B. Spry to Barbara A. Moriarty, 2358 Austin Drive, Briarwood, $140,000.

Roberta F. Josephson to Robert and Francesca Kaszuba, 1640 Garden Court, Garden Court Townhouses, $149,950.

David R. and Linda A. Hartman to Michael Johnson and Arthur Feiner, 3.01 acres at 5645 Stony Point Road, $90,000.

Eric Trebour, Trustee, to George Jackson III, 1755 Easy Lane, Hollymead, $145,325.

Jane M. Kruse to Jane N. Kohr, 1.869 acres at 980 Windsor Road, Farmington, $920,000.

Martin Bender to Ellen F. Bender and Amy M. Webb, 3737 Skyline Crest Drive, $120,000.



Joseph M. and Karina Casero to Paul D. Quinn, 351.458 acres at 7148 Monterey Farm Lane, Greenwood, $1,930,000.