Is Wood gonna shoot?

In response to the article titled "Ecoterrorism: ELF 'targets' Hollymead Center" [News, February 19, 2004], we have a few points:

In order for the word "terrorist" to be valid in any way, it is equally appropriate and fitting to label the developers "terrorists," as they are causing the most destruction. Terrorism is the wrong word to use for acts of pure vandalism, because the only things being terrorized by the ELF are peoples' pocketbooks.

Wendell Wood said "If [the ELF] come out there again, they better have a bulletproof vest." This statement implies that this man is willing to shoot or kill someone so that he can make more money. What is wrong with this picture?

Jeff Werner said, "If you look at [the ELF] website, it looks like an eighth grader wrote it." Regardless of their level of education or which words they choose to use, the point remains the same. Destruction of the earth is wrong, and frankly we agree.

Bailee E. McCauley and Amber Mendoza